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New Items: SHIVERS!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 10, 2018
Hey Travelers, a little bunny told me you are all gearing up for some spooky season called like, Halloweave? Sounds horrible, I love it. Even better, just thinking about scary stories set in your Remnant got me all inspired between boarding up the doors in the castle before the 13th hits. I stayed up all night to write down the best ideas based on some of the strange happenings I've heard about Hope. I wouldn't say my research was the most, like, in depth or whatever, but this is just meant to be some exotic playful terror for all the ankle-biters in Wolf's pack! Witch seemed to enjoy them, anyway.

You should start with every student's greatest nightmare, Deadly Detention. I couldn't really find any information on how you guys are actually punished while imprisoned in detention, but I did my best to really flesh out the experience.

I heard during Halloweave you Travelers have a special treat called Boonanas. Well if Hope is anything like the Stage then it's only a matter of time before a little sugarmancy goes awry and you end up with the same scenario I've detailed in Revenge of the Boonanas. Good luck with that.

Speaking of treats, Wolf was telling me about one seriously huge Kith she knows and I got inspired to write the The Blepper That Ate Everything. It's a pretty easily imitated story so uh, keep an eye on your Bleppers.

The Devourer rounds up our snack time stories (look, I get hungry when I go on writing binges, okay?) and I really tried to incorporate your performance troupe's, uh... I'm totally blanking... 'Club', right? Plus, I mean, having a smaller group of people to work with sounds like a nice idea to me. We never really had that here, everyone's just part of one big ensemble mishmash.

Witch was the one that asked me for the next story, pretty directly actually. I got a whole crayon drawing and a pile of cookies for payment. So Witch, thank you for your patronage; thanks to you the legend of The Haunted Backpack lives on to torment the unwary.

Welcome to the End is a more humorous tale to round out the series; a palate cleanser for Kith who are more easily spooked than others. A little dark comedy goes a long way without causing any vivid nightmares.... eh, usually, at least.

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