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This is what I believe is my highest score before hoof it was changed to show your shards earned as the score.
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New Premium Items: Molting Season!

Written by Admin  Posted on July 02, 2018
My, it's gotten unrelentingly hot lately, hasn't it? It seems that most Remnants are going through a heat wave at the moment! Even the shade-filled Enchanted Forest is going through their humid season which, I have been told, has a specific seasonal meaning for the Avoreals of the Forest: molting!

Yes, summer is the time of growth; not just for the plants, but of feathers as well! Thus there is a whole new summer set of Avoreal Fashion going around that we have been offered to supply to students here in Hope. I know I've seen a few students sporting some new summer cuts on their wings lately and I thought they might like to try out these fresh new styles!

Take a look and see: here we have the Purple Avoreal Summer Coat, which is good for wrapping up in if you're still growing out your pin feathers and find yourself catching a chill even in this heat. Then we have the Purple Avoreal Summer Armor, which I've been told is a must for anyone living in the barracks. Something about tempers and how "feathers go flying" this time of year. Oh, my. Stay polite and mind your manners when you visit!

Considering the courtier fashions next, we have both the Purple Avoreal Summer Dress and the Purple Avoreal Summer Wrap. These are popular not only with the Avoreals, but also many other denizens of the Forest who are taking advantage of this surplus of colorful feathers. The wrap is quite lovely; I wonder if Estella would like one...

Oh! And before I forget, there is also the Purple Avoreal Summer Cloak and the gorgeous Purple Avoreal Summer Plumage. These both make beautiful accents or they can be the focal point of a whole new look. I think they'd look quite dashing any time of the year, really.

If you'd like to get your hands on any of these fashion statements, I have both the Avoreal Summer Apparel Badge Bundle and the Pick A Part: Avoreal Summer Apparel Badge available in the Headmaster's Office for the rest of the month. Today is also the last day to pick up either of the Captain's set badges, as tomorrow they'll run out. The original Avoreal Badge and the new Clipped Wings will be offered through the whole month of July along side this new set; making it a great time to try spreading your wings and flying!

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