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New Items: May Recolors!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 31, 2018
Hey everyone! This month's re-colors are a bit different than usual so I hope you don't mind the change up. I've gotten some requests for a pretty big overhaul of the Muscle Shirt items to have the feminine tops fully nude like the masculine tops. That's a BIG job that ate up a lot of my time/energy this month, but I did manage to complete it. Some of you might have even seen me updating it earlier today to get ready for the release. Because of this update we are pretty light on other content but I do have at least one very special re-color update for you guys and I didn't even do it.

Boo went a bit overboard with the razors and has shaved down the High and Tight hairstyle to the new White High Tips Hairstyle which will let you guys easily make some new two-tone fades! Boo even included two very special colors, Crimson and Pepper, so you guys can beg him for re-colors if you want to see more of those about.

I did manage to wrangle up some time to a recolor of the original Illusionist's Playing Cards and have game them in a new fortune, matchmaker, prism, and spectrum recolors! The original has been renamed to playing cards to help users be able to search for them.

I also sat down with The Witch and took the candy wax lips and showed Witch how to apply more colors than just red. You'll now be able to make a brand new Shadow Stage wearable that is Red Wax Lips in 23 basic colors! Get your smooch on!

I'll have more for you guys next month, and will do my best to check out this month's request alongside next months. I just ran out of time to get much more done but there are a few I have already half-started. So wish me luck everyone!

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