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Taro Reviews the Cosmic Solarium by Gryphling won the Kith Spotlight! So my kith, Taro, kind of demanded me to enter her in this contest? She's got a laugh like an anime villain, so I don't like to say no to her...
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Site Contest Winners: May 2018

Written by Admin  Posted on May 28, 2018
Well! Our contest entries for this month certainly deserve a big round of applause for their fantastic efforts! Let’s hear it for Kochab, Moth King of Moths, Runery, EonArisen, Sonamae, and Dread! And thank you so much for tagging me in your entries!! It was truly a delight to see what you all created.

By an impressive number of Cheers, our winners are: Cooking with Ko by Kochab in the Craft category and My Kids First by Sonamae in the Writing category. Congratulations! The two of you will each receive the exclusive In the Spotlight Achievement as well as the Spotlight T-Shirt and Spotlight Showcase!

The winners’ threads will by moved to the Archived Contest Winners Forum, while other entries will be moved to the new Past Contest Entries Forum. I took one look at the old practice of moving them into random Showcase Forums and decided that wouldn’t do! Past entries should be a little better organized from now on.

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