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Site Contest: May 2018

Written by Admin  Posted on May 14, 2018
Piper, dear, please- hang on- I- m-my notecards! Er, h-hello, everyone! My daughter here tells me you’ve all been asking for an introduction, so here I am. Piper? Pi… and she’s gone. Well. Ahem… I am Mrs. Estella Artois, wife to Nicholas and mother to Lycus and Piper, the greatest joys of my life. My littlest, as you know, can be rather stubbornly impish when she gets an idea in her head… which is why I’m hosting the Site Contest in my very first public speaking… ahem.

This month’s Site Contest starts today, and I’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for any pings to @Estella [npc] on your entries! Your categories this time around are Writing and Craft. There’s no specific theme for this month - I want to see what you all can do. Impress me!

If you need a reminder on the rules, you can always find them in the main Site Contest Forum, so there’s no excuse for naughtiness! I want to see some good, clean fun going on!

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