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Soaring by Spacegal won the Games Spotlight! This paper airplane has reached new heights! Soarin' to the ten thousands! :D.
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New Premium Items: More Scrying and Inspiration

Written by Admin  Posted on May 02, 2018
My word, I hope this Everstorm business clears up soon. We’ve hardly seen Lycus at home since this all began, and my dear wife is getting worried. Well, more worried than usual. At this rate, she’ll want to start up some clever new project to work out her feelings…

From what admittedly little I understand, Lenta has been a great help, though the two are having some communication issues now that Lycus’ experiments have advanced beyond the subjects covered in any of our textbooks. It’s with that in mind that I am pleased to announce this month’s limited-time premium items have been inspired by Lenta’s excellent suggestions!

The Scrying Spell 2 Badge Bundle includes additional Scrying outreach to strengthen the connections between Remnants with a Tatter's Trail Scrying Spell, Enchanted Meadow Scrying Spell, Witch's Cottage Scrying Spell, and Curtain Fall Scrying Spell. You can pick up the Bundle for 1500 Gems or get the Pick A Part for 500 Gems this month only!

Speaking of inspiration, I wrote a letter to the Princess of the Enchanted Forest about the new colors available for the Elven Ears, and it turns out she’s also been working a spell of her own to alter the Inspired Elven Hair so that it matches the more diverse gemlike coloration of native Elves. The hair has been renamed Opal Inspired Long Hair to reflect this magical update, matching the 9 new colors you can buy in the Inspired Hair Badge Bundle and Pick A Part this month.

Now, don’t forget that this monthly exchange means some items are going out of stock tomorrow! Today’s your last chance to pick up the Pick A Part: Science Sweater, CR Scrying Spell, and Merfolk apparel until the next special premium sale!

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