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New Items: April Recolors!

Written by Admin  Posted on April 30, 2018
Uggggh, my poor back. Why do I own so much junk? I've finished mostly moving myself from my trashcan downtown to a nice new dumpster. I'm so tired... Packing your whole life into boxes is exhausting. But luckily for you, that means I had to do some spring cleaning of the upload pile, which means I've pulled out some nice new re-colors for everyone to enjoy!

To start, I've got way too many shoes, which made me realize that all you fans of the Black Hunting Boots got kind of shafted when it came to options. But not anymore! I've got 24 brand new colors of Hunting Boots for you all to enjoy! Hopefully that makes up for your previously very limited options. There is even one very special color I snuck in there~

I've also heard you cry for some more Tidal-colored items and I plan to do what I can to add onto this. For this month, I've focused on the Tidal Ocean Ruffle Dress which you'll now be able to craft in Beachy, Monochrome, Ocean, Seaweed, Undertow, and the aforementioned Tidal color. I'll keep picking through different Coral Reef attire and adding on the missing Tidal alongside a few more colors I think will help round out the sets, so look forward to that!

Still over in Coral Reef, I've filled out the Merpink Shimmertail Tights in the missing Merpink and Merblack to go with their Mertail partners.

And for all you Classic Unburied Treasure hunters, I have some interesting new options for you to go searching for. You'll need a proper Grog to drink while on your adventure for any of these 10 new colors. Well, not the prism one, there isn't any prism grog to my knowledge. (Yet...) You'll just have to make do with a mug full of dye instead.

And finally, I've brought a little Stage magic over to the Enchanted Forest! With permission from Princess Celariel, you'll now be able to get her Purple Elven Ears in all 30 of the Thespian Skin Tones! Good luck getting through all those Quests, brave item collectors!

That's it for this month! I'll do my best with the next batch for May!

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