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New Items: Best Books EVER!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 31, 2018
Psssst. PSSSST!
Hey, hey you! Yeah you. You like books? You like fiction?
Then do I have an offer for you. I know things have been a bit crazy lately, what with killer storms and all that. But old Shady, out of the goodness of his heart, has been keeping the kiddos entertained. I rounded up my two favorite girls and even picked up a new partner in crime while dropping the trash rabbit off in the Shadow Stage.

Let me tell you, these girls have outdone themselves this year. We've remade all our popular publishing from last year and have twelve new ones for this special. We've done our best to bolster supplies but I think we've only got enough books to last us through the 3rd of the month. But we have enough to stock them not just here in Hope while the hot new exchange student's attention is over in the Coral Reef, but also in the Shadow Stage as well. That gives you two places to pick up these masterpieces while they last. Oh, and before I forget...

All likenesses are used in the from of derivative/parody work and protected under Fair Use.

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