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Forum Feedback

Written by Admin  Posted on March 14, 2018
Hello again, everyone! It's time for another round of Forum Feedback. I've got a few ideas brewing in my brain, and I'd like to get your opinions on what you like, dislike, and prioritize.

1. Daily Quests

Some users have suggested a way to shortcut Daily Quests now that we have a growing number of Remnants and many, many Characters to keep up with. I don't want to take away the option for dedicated users to benefit from the Daily Quests, so here's my idea: a "skip" button that Declines any Daily Quests for that Remnant which you haven't already completed, and grants the +1 Reputation that counteracts the -1 daily loss of Reputation. Something like this:

2. Accomplished Personality

This one's tough, because I do want Kith Personalities to be something that encourages premium purchases (like the Personality Test and Change of Heart), but I understand that as it is right now, the ease of accidentally hitting Accomplished is a bummer for players. And we don't want you to feel like your Kith are a bummer! So I have a couple ideas that may or may not be implemented, but these are the solutions that would be viable (theoretically - who knows what bugs I may run into, haha) within the code. Please let me know if you like either or both of these ideas!

- Stop a Kith from receiving Personality points in Quests and/or Cooking+Tailoring once they max out and lock in their first Personality.
- Raise the Personality cap from 100 in each Personality to 400, making it much harder to reach by accident for any Personality.

3. Custom Art Submissions

Aaaaand here's the real tough one! Like many pet and avatar sites, we want our users to be able to contribute their creative ideas for items, apparel, and even Kith stages! Finding the right balance is the hardest part of this feature. Here are a few ideas I've come up with that I'd like to get your opinion on!

Users purchase a premium item with which they can submit a design. Part of the submission process includes a choice of scarcity: allowing the user to submit an exclusive design (to be created on a single item - handy for things like custom apparel of an OC's design), a limited design (to be created on a small numbered set of items - handy for artists who want to resell their art to a few fellow users), or a shared design (to be sold in shops to any user playing the site - handy for artists who want to share their art with everyone).

For exclusive designs, the submitting user would purchase a design, and would receive a single item of that design once it's been approved. For limited designs, the submitting user would purchase various quantities when they submit the design. There would probably be a separate premium item for purchasing additional quantities of your approved designs.

For shared designs, how do we implement these items to be available for everyone? Some possibilities:
- The submitting user can make a suggestion for the item description & shop placement & price, but these are suggestions only and the Staff will assign them as they see fit.
- A single character is added to Hope to sell user-designed items, with Staff deciding the price, while the items' descriptions are written by the submitting user. (Obviously with Staff rejecting any descriptions that are unfit for publication.)

For now, please set aside any questions about the rules on custom submissions, as we'll be tackling those later once the process has been figured out.

As always, thank you all SO MUCH for your help making Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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