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New Premium Items: EF Kith Apparel

Written by Admin  Posted on February 02, 2018
Good afternoon, students! Are you all preparing for Palentine’s? I myself am looking forward to a magical evening with my wife. Every year we take turns sweeping the other off their feet in a whirlwind of romance! This year it's my turn to be swept, so I've been trying to emotionally prepare myself for whatever Estelle has in store! I’ve even been conditioning my beard to make sure it’s extra soft; can you tell?

Ha ha, of course Palentine’s Day isn't just about romance! Love comes in many forms! And today I am very proud and honored to present with you all with a gift from our dear friends in the Enchanted Forest. As the first Remnant that we were able to find in the Tattered Weave, we have built a strong relationship between our two lands. And now the Princess Celariel wants to share a bit of her beloved history with us: the story of their native Kith.

I will now be stocking my Office with Enchanted Forest Kith apparel, and to give them their spotlight, I’m putting away the original Hope Kith apparel badges for now. Don't worry, they will be back some other time in the future!

Ahh, where to begin? How about the Kith I am most familiar with, the Licorne. Ever since Valon was here helping my son with his experiments I've been taken with their mystical grace. I find myself even a bit envious of their luscious mane. But now we can all have fabulous locks with the new White Licorne Mane. The Manes come in all the matching colors of the Kith, so remember, the item name may be a bit deceiving as it may not be the color you are expecting. Please make sure to reference the preview for all of these!

And of course once you have such soft, combed, pet-worthy hair, you may find yourself in need of a defense against those hands! Get yourself a White Licorne Tail and practice your swatting techniques! Or, for those of you a bit more timid or simply too gentle-hearted for such a tactic, you could wrap up in a pair of White Licorne Wings to hide away from your admirers. You can get these three together in a set for 500 gems in the Licorne Apparel Badge Bundle, or a single item from the Pick A Part: Licorne Badge for 250 gems.

You should also peruse the Phowl set, which - if I am to believe my dear daughter and her friend Dizzy - are so hot you can fry an egg on them. I... hope they never actually fried an egg on a Kith; that not only seems a tad rude, but also a bit insensitive?Ah well, I suppose if the Kith didn’t mind…

The Yellow Phowl Wings offer a new kind of profile than any of our previously-seen wings. Just be careful picking anything up. For the hottest of looks we have the Yellow Phowl Flames, which make a daring top for any outfit. Please just be considerate of any fire detectors in the classrooms and watch out where you sit. Speaking of fire, have you ever eaten something so hot you wanted to breathe out the flames? Well now you can! With the new Yellow Phowl Breath you can show everyone that you can spit the hottest verses or were tricked into drinking a Red Hot Smoothie. You can get these three together in a set for 500 gems in the Phowl Apparel Badge Bundle, or a single item from the Pick A Part: Phowl Badge for 250 gems.

I hear it’s just a myth that Cinis can breath fire, but maybe you prove the rumors wrong with your very own Green Cinis Snout and some careful dietary choices. If that isn't quite your style, there’s always the impressive Green Cinis Horns to crown your head. And if you really want to impress the crowds, show everyone how much you've matured with your very own Green Cinis Wings. You can get these three together in a set for 500 gems in the Cinis Apparel Badge Bundle, or a single item from the Pick A Part: Cinis Badge for 250 gems.

Despite selling the Talion Charm in my office, I've never had any in-depth personal experience with them. But it takes only a single look at them to tell they have plush soft ears that anyone would want, and lucky you can now get your own tweak-able Blue Talion Ears! Of course, one of the most distinct things about the Talion is their beautiful coats, intricate and detailed. You can dress yourself in equal elegance in a two-piece set of the Blue Talion Mantle and the Blue Talion Cape. You can wear them separately or together depending on your needs. As with the others, you can get these three together in a set for 500 gems in the Talion Apparel Badge Bundle, or a single item from the Pick A Part: Talion Badge for 250 gems.

And for all you studious types who have been checking the previews, I'm sure you noticed the next part of the announcement! However I will turn this over to Princess Celarial to finish up with a message of her own.

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