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Hopes for Fears by Taiga won the Gallery Spotlight! If Snarls are truly negative emotions, ripped and coiled from Hope, then perhaps the first step to destroy them is to destroy these emotions themselves.
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Boo's Birthday Bash

Written by Admin  Posted on January 18, 2018
Wow, that snow outside is piling up rather high. I think everything before was just practice - now it's time to get serious. Who's ready for a real snowball fight? If you're interested in getting your hands on these cool Snow Force Offense Gloves or want to learn the true art of catching snowballs with your face a la Snow Force Defense Shield style, come on over to the Winter Wonderland Event and get your ball on. The event runs through the weekend, and everyone is a winner! Just, sometimes what you win is a snowball to the face...

What. Don't look at me like that! All right, all right, so there's a little more available than snowballs. We've also gotten a new selection of fun, over-the-top emoticon-inspired looks to help you really show off your true feelings about being on this battlefield. Just took a hit to the face? Let me suggest the Flinching Eyes and Razz Mouth. Or maybe you're still doing an awesome job dodging all the incoming attacks? Better keep it up with the Think Fast Eyes and Think Fast Mouth!!

Or maybe someone you thought was your best friend...
Who you thought was on your team...
Decided to put some snow down the back of your shirt.
I'll just leave these here for you:
Judging You Eyes
Judging You Mouth

All these new facial features have been oh-so-sneakily placed in Kei's Salon while he wasn't looking. Hopefully he doesn't catch me until the games are over; I've already had enough cold surprises!

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