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Code Update: 1/9/18

Written by Admin  Posted on January 09, 2018
A few minor updates are rolling out today! You won't notice most of them, except for these:

- Cooking and Tailoring now have a search bar! This searches the name and description of the Recipes/Patterns.

- Subscribed users will now receive notifications to alert them when their subscription is about to expire.

- Kith notifications (such as learning a new transformation) are now triggered by Kith Activities.

- Users who try to Ally with a Solitary Kith that has over 400 in every ability will see a warning message explaining that they will not be able to unlock another Kith slot for free.

One of the backend bug fixes that we've added is an attempt to solve the rewards problem that occurs when you receive rewards from two sources at exactly the same second (such as from Kith Activities and Games). Due to this change, there might be some new bugs that appear while using currency, such as an unusual delay in purchasing an item (over 10 seconds) or not seeing Shards update on an immediate refresh. If you notice any of these bugs, please report them in the Technical Support Forum with as many details as you can provide!

Thank you all again for helping making Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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