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Spooky Manor by Moth King of Moths won the Clothing Design Spotlight! When the crypt doors creak, and the tombstones quake, a man steps out to join the wake. He tips his hat and straightens his tie. The time will come when all must die.
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New Game: Counting Cards!

Written by Admin  Posted on January 05, 2018
AHHHH! A new year, a fresh start, a chance to change for the better!

Pshhh. Why improve perfection, right? Hahaha! I’m just kidding, there’s always room for improvement! And today I’ve got a big, shiny, new update for the Arcade:


That’s right, a brand-spankin’-new game inspired by my big buddy Marcus! He’s been joining us at family fun night and teaching us all the cool card games they play in the Coral Reef. It’s been a real challenge to program these ones - the books I’ve found at the University use a lot of math that I’m, uh, not studying yet… But Marcus is super good at math so he’s been lots of help!!

My game is based off Counting Cards, a pretty simple game of streaks - so your Shards are very luck-based! Wink! It’s okay though, I made sure to keep Kith points nice and even, earning a point for every two successful rounds! What you gotta do is play a card from the facedown pile, then try to put a faceup card that’s one point value higher or lower onto it! The more faceup cards you can stack in one streak, the more Shards you’ll earn! Oh! And! Clearing a whole column of faceup cards gets you some more Shards, as does finishing a full round!

If you’ve still got questions, don’t worry, I put the rules in there too! Like how you can count a card’s value and what Jokers do, and more! Lycus helped us call Bonnie through one of those fancy Scrying spells and she showed me how they play at the Coral Reef, so everything’s really really authentic and stuff! Take a look for yourself!!

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