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New Premium Items: Scrying and Skyscapes!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 18, 2017
Brrrrr! That winter wind is nipping at my heels these days! My beloved Estella has been packing me a thermos of hot chocolate to bring along to work every day now to keep my bones warm. Hmm... we might need to do something about all this Frosted Wind chilling the air. I think it is time for a greatly requested Recolor!

I've added the new Pigmented Wind Badge Bundle and its Pick-A-Part Badge to my Headmaster's Office for sale. The original Frosted Wind is included as well, but now you'll find 17 new colors alongside it. You can buy the Pick-A-Part for 200 Gems each or, for you completionists, I've put a pretty good bargain on the Bundle for all 18 at only 2400 Gems! That gets you six winds for free versus buying them one by one.

Don't worry, students, the Ground Up Shard Dust will be remaining a shard item of its own.

Pairing well with that Recolor set are some beautiful new items you can find in my Office. After quite a bit of collaboration with our neighbors in the Enchanted Forest, my son has found a way to create a permanent version of two enchantments from the forest.

The first is the Scrying Spell Badge Bundle, which contains the beautiful Hope University Scrying Spell, Enchanted Forest Scrying Spell, Coral Reef Scrying Spell, and the Shadow Stage Scrying Spell. While I always prefer to promote exploration and harmony between the Remnants, I understand that everyone can get a bit homesick at times or merely want to show off pride for their favorite Remnant!

Along with the new scrying spells we also have some new Sky-ing spells! Ohoho! The Enchanted Sky Badge Bundle introduces us to the Sunset Enchanted Sky, Nightlight Enchanted Sky, Daylight Enchanted Sky, and the Rainy Enchanted Sky. These can work in tandem with any of the scrying spells or be used on their own to set your scene!

Speaking of setting the scene, I am proud to announce a special guest today who has brought some of their own new creations to help light up any look!

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