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A Moderator's Return!

Written by Admin  Posted on July 11, 2016
I’m back!

Hi again, everyone! I’m back from vacation and ever-so-vaguely tanned. It’s good to be back and working on the project again. We’ve got a lot of big things in the pipeline, including the Cooking system and caching to help reduce the server load and bring you faster playing speeds!
In the meantime, I’m working on an update to the admin side of Quests so that it’ll be easier for us to create and manage Quests behind the scenes. Expect to see a bunch of Quest updates over the next month as we get that in place and upload enough for every NPC to become your best friends!

Discussions with Lightsky about the few remaining bugs in the games and in the restock button have led us to a few conclusions. For one, we want to implement a major code change that will make the restock button AND the Shards & Gems on the header update in real time.
Due to the complexity of this change, we won’t be implementing it until sometime after Open Beta, but I wanted to let y’all know that we’ve figured out a solution and we’re merely holding off until a later time. So we won’t need any bug reports on the restock button until we implement that change! Thank you all for helping us isolate the cause of the problem and work through that fix.

Re: games. I’ve corrected 3/8 of the Hoof It dances to the shorter time, so progress is being made! I hope to get it to you guys by the end of the month, though I can’t make any promises. Bug fixes always come first on my priority list. :P Lightsky made a few suggestions for the error message code so that we can better understand why these problems are occurring. Once we know why a problem happens, it’s that much easier to create a solution! Again, thank you all for testing the games with us and reporting as many details as possible. You’ve been unbelievably helpful with troubleshooting. :)

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