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December Event: Kith Activities!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 14, 2017
We're wrapping up an amazing year with an exciting new feature event: Kith Activities! Go to your Kith Allies page to check it out! Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of your Kith's name to access this new menu.

From now on, each of your Kith can do one special, dedicated Activity every day to help you progress on the site. Your Kith's Profile Page will show what Activity they're up to each day, as well as keep track of their Total Activities and Favorite Activity! Here's a detailed list of the Activities your Kith can do:

Help a Character: Having trouble raising your Reputation with a particular Character? Now your Kith can help you earn an extra Reputation point each day! Characters can get overwhelmed by having too many helpers, so only one of your Kith Allies may help one Character at a time. (For example, if you have 3 Kith Allies, you can help Andre and Jay and Lycus, but you cannot help Andre 3 times.)

Buy an Item: Getting stuck on a Quest because you can't find an item is now a thing of the past! Your Kith can buy an item for you from the shops, regardless of whether you see it stocked on the shelves or not. Buying at item this way does cost more - you'll pay the maximum price that would appear in shops - but you've got the purchase guaranteed come end of day! This only works for items that are for sale in the shops, however!

Find an Item: Oh, feeling lucky, are you? If there's nothing in particular that you want, you can send your Kith into the Tatters to find a random item for you! Since these items are floating through the void that is the Tattered Weave, they can come from any Remnant, whether you've unlocked it or not! Only common, uncommon, and rare items can be found this way - special and premium items don't get lost so easily.

Pick up Shards: Ahh, finally, an escape from grinding! For anyone too busy to pick up Shards every day, now your Kith can pick up Shards for you! Multiple Kith can pick up Shards, but each one will earn subsequently less than the last.

Train an Ability: We've all been there - sometimes those random Kith Ability rewards can leave you stranded with one low Ability. Now you can pick an Ability for your Kith to train while you play on the site every day! Your Kith will earn 1 point in that Ability at the end of the day.

Train a Personality: Finally, last on the list is a lesson in manners. Just like training an Ability, you can now train their Personality to ensure your Kith gets the Personality you want them to have! Your Kith will earn 1 point in that Personality at the end of the day, unless that have reached the maximum of 100 points. Since this is a hidden number, your Kith will not tell you when they reach the maximum, so you'll have to try to keep track yourself or check in with a Personality Test when you think they're close!

As with all major features, we've tested this as thoroughly as we can, but some bugs might have slipped through the cracks! Please report any bugs to the Technical Support Forum and I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.
Edit: I should also clarify that no Kith Activities can be assigned while in Vacation Mode. If they're already assigned when you go on Vacation, they should still finish their Activities at the end of the day.

Due to the possibility for abuse by "farming" multiple accounts with this new feature, we will be reconsidering our rules on multiple accounts and making changes very soon. Please do not use Kith Activities on any secondary accounts, or you will receive a warning, followed by more severe consequences yet to be decided. Using multiple accounts for other purposes is still currently allowed. We'll post a Forum Feedback Announcement when the new rules are ready for consideration before we implement anything, so if you have multiple accounts, keep an eye out for that! We always appreciate your feedback and want to ensure the site remains as fun and convenient as possible.

Thank you all again for an AMAZING year that has helped Tattered Weave grow and change in Open Beta! I look forward to all the events to come next year!

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