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New Recipes: Fairy Floss!

Written by Admin  Posted on December 06, 2017
What a tangled, sweet web we weave...

Hmm, so Tadpoles, I've been hearing quite a bit about this new land that you've found out in the Withering. After an exchange of a few letters, and one horrifying package of murderous living cookies, I've learned about a wealth of new and interesting techniques to try in the Enchanted Kitchen. I even got my hands on some of their cuisine and I must say, they are certainly better off than some other 'chefs' I won't mention. But it did get me thinking that perhaps the Witch, as well as all of you, might like to try something a little more refined.

I've put off teaching you all about the Sugar Spinning Wheel because, frankly, it's tedious to use. You have to sit there meticulously twisting and pulling the sugar strands out into floss and... well, I wasn't sure you Tadpoles had the patience for such a task. But if I'm ever going to teach you the art of proper tea, then patience is a key ingredient. Best learn now.

Ehh, I should also showcase some other less cursed ways of using magic along with sugar. Who in their right mind let a child cast such dangerous spells? So here! Take this. You need a Mortar and Pestle to go with your Spinning Wheel to grind the flavors into the sugar. There's no skipping this step, slow as it may be, unless your goal is a sticky, lumpy mess rather than delicate silken strands. I have eleven flavors to offer for now, so from easiest to hardest, take your pick from the Cherry Fairy Floss, Cantaloupe Fairy Floss, Blueberry Fairy Floss, Clover Fairy Floss, Herbal Fairy Floss, Lemon Fairy Floss, Orange Fairy Floss, Watermelon Fairy Floss, Vanilla Fairy Floss, Grape Fairy Floss, and Cranberry Fairy Floss. Phew. Old lungs still have it.

You'll find all of these recipes in my shop, Elven Cuisine, and they range from level 1-8 so if you have a steady hand and dedicated time, you are welcome to come give it a try. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I saw some squirmy, pink, sugar.. thing hiding under my stove at home and I need to catch that sooner rather than later.

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