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November Event: Lesson 4

Written by Admin  Posted on December 01, 2017
Castwick? Caaaastwiiiiick, where’d you go? It’s time for our last lesson! How can we stop now when there’s only four more tools to teach? Don’t tell me you’re bored of this game already! There’s still more treats to make! …Castwick?

OH NO, HOW DID YOU GET YOURSELF STUCK IN THE MUMMY'S TOMB?! (STUCK!) Aw, Castwick, you poor thing! That tool will dry you to a crisp if you’re not more careful! Remember when we made the Tongue Twisters Recipe together? Or that ucky Beet Chips Recipe? Shlooooop! All dried up! (Castwick all dried up!)

Aww! Okay, okay, you know what, we can skip the hands-on lesson for that one today! Come stand by the Tesla Coil to charge your energy back up. New students should start with a Fried Frogs Recipe, that one’s easy peasy. Hmm… Fried Bat Wings Recipe is probably good to try out next, since it’s also pretty simple. The Fried Skewers Recipe will take more experience and a Stake Stack, though!
(Energy!) Oh! Castwick, are you feeling better? Yay! That’s good - stirring the Witch's Cauldron all by myself can be kinda intimidating. Students, definitely DO NOT fall in! Living souls will really gum up the magic!

I’m serious about safety! You’ll need to start with at least Level 2 Cooking for any of my Cauldron recipes. Just by itself you can make an Ink Soup Recipe or some bubbly Bone Broth Recipe. If you’re feeling unsure of your skill, grab yourself a Headless Helper and they can assist you with a bunch of recipes! There’s the yummy Pumpkin Latte Recipe that pairs so well with the BBQ Bat Wings Recipe, or the Roasted Beet Pasta Recipe if you want a better way to get those healthy beets down the hatch… The Headless Helper’s great at shredding up your cabbage for a Beet Stew Recipe or Swamp Soup Recipe, too!

Orrrr you can use the Witch’s Cauldron with a Portal of Deboning to make some non-cabbage soups and stews. My favorite is the Witchy Poo Stew Recipe, but it’s pretty hard to master! (Witchy poo!) You can really surprise a guest for dinner with the Mystery Stew Recipe. Grandma says it’s the best for uninvited guests! If you also have a clean Meat Cleaver lying around, a Blackbird Barley Soup Recipe makes enough to feed the whole pack!

But what are you going to serve for dessert in this pretend dinner game, you ask? I’ll tell you, students! You can use Frozen in Time with your Witch’s Cauldron to cool off a Spider Spun Rat Nest Recipe for an impressively beautiful treat. But I mean, if you’d rather go for a killer flavor, the Death by Chocolate Recipe is your best bet! (Death by chocolate! BEST death!)

Yeah, that’s how I’d wanna go out! I mean, eventually, not anytime soon, please. (Not anytime soon!) Heeheeha. You’re so funny, Castwick. Ooh! Ooh! You should tell everyone that joke you told me earlier! Here, I’ll give you the same setup: let’s see, Grandma was shouting, “How could you ditch your mask without so much as a second thought! I don’t care if it’s itchy, Witch, you can’t just pitch it when you think no one’s watching! Bring it here, and I’ll see which stitch needs to be fixed.” I think that was it, right? (How much pitch could Witch ditch if your stitch itched to be fixed when it switched!) Hahahahaha!

Grandma didn’t think it was funny at the time, but I turned over my Sands of Time real quick so she wouldn’t hear Castwick’s joke while she was still mad. This is a really powerful tool you can use with the Witch’s Cauldron to make recipes that need very precise timing! Try a Bewitched Eggs Recipe or maybe the Deviled Eggs Recipe if you’re feeling a little spicy. (Spicy!) You’ve got a little extra wiggle room with the Escargot Recipe and Stewed Cabbage Recipe, but you’re going to have to be EXACT if you’re making a Poison Apple Recipe out of the Potion Book.

And… that’s it for the new tools! YAY! You did it! (YAY! Did it!) Ahhh, I’m gonna sit back and sip a juice box to celebrate. What do you think, Castwick? Plasma Punch Recipe or Blood Box Recipe? (Blood Box!) Ahaha, you don’t have to open the Potion Book for me, silly, those are so easy I memorized the recipe forever ago!

Here we are. Cheers! (Cheers!) So, my students, how did you like my lessons? Lemme see all the tricks and treats you’ve made so far!

Posted by: "Dread"

[@The Witch]
Hey, Hey Witch, not only did I manage to get my hands reattached with a bit of healing magic from the Forest, but I managed to whip up all the tasty ice cream treats already!! who needs sleep when there is ice cream to make

Posted by: "Elfy"

[@The Witch]

I got 'em all, too! I'd give them to you, witch, but chub's been eying them since i made the first and that seems a touch dangerous....


You know what this means, Castwick! We gotta break out the cakes and pies to go with all this ice cream!! (Cakes and pies!) So heat up your Witch’s Oven for a Crusty Bread Pudding Recipe to sweeten up those leftover bread crusts! Grab a Meat Cleaver and one of those Poison Apples you just made to put together a wicked Poison Apple Pie Recipe! Or, if you’d rather skip the chopping, use a Broken Shield to bake cheesecake - either the Stinky Cheesecake Recipe or Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe, depending on what kinda flavor you’re lookin’ for! Hmm, what else do I got that goes with ice cream…? (Cake?) Oh yeah, the Bleeding Heart Cake Recipe is another good one! Grandma says it’s the right kind of romantic.

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