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November Event: Lesson 3

Written by Admin  Posted on November 30, 2017
How are we doing, class? Is everyone having fun? (Fun!) No more missing body parts? Good! Then we’re ready to move onto some advanced cooking with four deadly magic tools! Who’s excited? (Excited!!)

You gotta promise to use the Witch's Oven ONLY while you have wicked feelings in your heart! Even if they’re just wicked hungry! It’s an heirloom, which means hand-me-down, from the last Witch, and that’s one of her rules that I haven’t figured out how to disenchant. Probably the easiest way to get in the right mindset is to use the Stake Stack with the Staked Steak Recipe to stab into your darkest of emotions! (Stab into your darkest emotions!) The Frog Kabob Recipe is similarly squishy and satisfying!

You won’t need any tools but the Witch’s Oven to make a delicious Roasted Corn Recipe, though. With just a touch more experience you can make the Roasted Garlic Recipe and fill your kitchen with yummy smells that bring all the ghosties to the yard! They’re really helpful if you have blackbirds trying to rescue their flock-mates from a Blackbird Pie Recipe, since a hungry ghost will suck the life right out of anyone that gets in their way!

I did mention these tools were the dangerous ones, right? (Right!) Okay, we’re good then!

If you’ve got too many hungry ghosties flocking to your kitchen and accidentally killing all your ingredients before their time, just grab a Broken Shield off the wall! Dollmaker says Hero used to be really good at wielding it in defense of his dinner, but that was before he forgot that everyone was good friends who had dinner together. He wouldn’t even come into the basement ’til I called it a cleaning quest…

Just you wait, though, I’m sure a classic Stained Glass Cookies Recipe will help to jog his memory! We can serve it up on a Broken Shield alongside the Chocolate Stained Glass Cookies Recipe and he’ll think back on all the yummy treats he shared with his friends! And he’ll say - Castwick, you play the role of Hero, okay? - he’ll say, “Witch! Your magic has lifted the curse!” (Witch lifted the curse!) “Hand me back that Broken Shield and let’s make the Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe together, just like the old Witch used to do with her children!” (Old Witch?)

Huh? Oh! Yeah, the Witch is a role that’s been around for ages. The last Witch was an old hag who loved inviting sweet children over for dinner! (Aw, sweet!) I inherited the house and a lot of her stuff when she died and the Narrator gave me the role. Like, the Sin-A-Bun Recipe was one of her design. It tastes pretty bland to me, but most of the other Thespians say it tastes sinful, whatever that means. The Mystery Meatballs Recipe and Witch Finger Dippers Recipe were already in the cookbook when I started the role… But the Pumpkin Brittle Recipe and Pumpkin Pasties Recipe are both mine! Pumpkins are sooo tasty with some added sugar! (Pumpkin sugar!)

Add in some aid from a Headless Helper and you can cook up the Meringue Bones Recipe - I bet Mawnite would love crunching on that! The Spooky Meringues Recipe is one I see Hero scarfing down at the graveyard all the time and it’s not too terribly difficult to learn with the Headless Helper by your side. As long as he doesn’t ask for the Mystery Meatloaf Recipe, I think we could have a great time together in the kitchen! Don’t you, Castwick? (A great time together!!)

Right! And maybe… Maybe I’ll add the Vessels of Sugarmancy to our baking plans, and the Gingerbread Brats Recipe will remind him of children, you know, like me? Right? (Right!) Yeah, it’s a good plan!

Ha ha, but we have to finish teaching our lessons first! We wouldn’t want any of our students to misuse a Portal of Deboning! Ooh, no, that’d be bad. Grandma would never let us hear the end of it! She really likes the Blackbird Kabob Recipe and Baked Blackbird Recipe it makes, or those Roasted Frog Legs that give her her own frog’s breath, yuck. (Yuck.)

Stinky breath isn’t nearly as cool as the little puffs of breath you can see when the air gets really chilly from using Frozen in Time! Just about anyone can use it with the Stake Stack to make an Eye-Cicle Recipe to walk around with! And you can also ask the Headless Helper for a few hands to make yummy Pumpkin Milk Recipe for a nice, refreshing, non-potion drink. But of course, the BEST recipes that Frozen in Time can make are sundaes!

Grab yourself the Broken Shield and Meat Cleaver to chop up all your ingredients into these cute little cups I decorated myself! (Myself?!) Oops, that’s right Castwick, you decorated the toppings while I made the cups! What do you think, students? Aren’t they cute! In order of difficulty, I want to see you make EVERY ONE of the Mint Chocolate Chills Sundae, Boonana Bonanza Sundae, Black Cherry Widow Sundae, Graveyard Crunch Sundae, Swamp Swirl Sundae, Bleeding Berry Blast Sundae, Midnight Chocolate Sundae, and Pumpkin Patch Sundae! (Castwick WANT!)

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