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November Event: Lesson 2

Written by Admin  Posted on November 29, 2017
Wow! I'm so impressed with you, class! You’re already flying through those recipes I gave you yesterday! Since you've done so well, I’ve got another four vital Spooky Kitchen tools to teach you about! I invited Eludance over earlier to test out my recipes before writing them up for class, but he seemed a little disappointed in the taste test game. Isn’t that weird? It’s Castwick’s favorite! (Weird!)

But you know what managed to catch his interest? It's far from easy to make, but if you grab an Insatiable Pot and add a few drops of blood and the right vegetative sacrifices, you can make the Celery Stalker Recipe! They can patrol your garden or sit in a pot looking cute. They also are one the tastiest veggies you'll find! It's too bad that Dollmaker won't eat them; I don't think he'll eat anything that's had a face actually. That makes him a little bit hard to cook for, but I know some people were asking about local dishes they could prepare for him!

I do know a couple salads… uhmm, Castwick, where’d I put my notes? (Salad notes!) Why thank you! Let's see... Beet n Batwing Salad Recipe? No, he doesn't like Wing of Bat. Besides, that one calls for a Meat Cleaver as well, and you know how squeamish he gets about that… Snips and Snails Salad Recipe? No, snails have lil’ faces... OH! Duh! I'm a silly! A Heart n Choke Salad Recipe is perfect for him! All veggies! And it's super easy to make, too! Just use your Insatiable Pot for some frighteningly fresh flavor, and bam! An innocent-looking salad!

Eating healthy isn’t always easy, though. Eludance would barely even touch the salads! That’s okay, I’ve got lotsa tricks and treats to try out. For my next trick, you’ll need to equip the Stake Stack! You'd be surprised how important point sticks are when it comes to cuisine! Now that I've seen you can be trusted with the Meat Cleaver, I know you won't whittle your fingers away too! And you know what pointy sticks are best for? CORN! (CORN!) The Children of the Corn Recipe is a a simple corn classic, with just a quick trip into the Wicker Cages and the addition of some limbs, it's show time! They are one of the foods that it's okay to play with!

We skimmed through the old witchy cookbook together and found that the best way to keep the plague doctor at bay is to eat apples! And the best way to eat apples? Well that is a very divisive personal question! You’ve got the two main camps: Candy Apple Recipe versus Caramel Apple Recipe! It only gets more and more split as you go. Red apple or green apple? Classic or Deluxe? Both the Deluxe Candy Apple Recipe and the Deluxe Caramel Apple Recipe can be a bit much for some people, but I love them! (Both?) Oh, Castwick, good point! You can always eat BOTH! Oh, that’s not what you meant, huh? OH! Sorry, hahaha. What Castwick means is that you’ll have to use both the Stake Stack AND another new cooking tool for those.

So it’s time to begin your magical journey into Sugarmancy! The Vessels of Sugarmancy are powerful tools that shouldn't be taken lightly. Otherwise you'll end up with a sugar mouse infestation... or worse. (Favorite infestation!)

It's not my favorite, Castwick. They’re always demanding cookies! But if we’re talking about favorite recipes, the Candied Corn Recipe is more my style! (CANDY CORN!) No silly, CANDIED Corn! Though I can make the Candy Corn Recipe easily too.

Uh oh, I see some eyes glazing over in class… That’s not the kind of glazing we want in our kitchen! Look, if putting those tools together is a bit much, let’s tone it back down to just the Vessels of Sugarmancy for now and see how we do. Ready? (Ready!)

Something nice and easy for a beginning sugarmancer would be the Eclipsed Solar Snacks Recipe instead! Anyone can dip crackers into chocolate! Speaking of dipping, the Pretzel Torches Recipe is just made of some crunchy pretzels in yummy frosting with a touch of sugar coloring! Easy-peasy and you can do them up in a soothing Graveglow Torches Recipe if heroic fire is too scary! (Scary!)

Once you get a little confidence in your casting, you can tweak all kinds of things! Do you like Candy Corn? Well why not try a Caramel Candy Corn Recipe! OR if you’re really brave, and by that I mean weird, you can also make a Beet Candy Corn Recipe! Candy crafting is very important here on the Stage. I even worked out how to make some special edible disguises in case I got caught without my mask! I guess we don't really need them anymore, but they are still pretty yummy, so you might like to give the Vampire Gums Recipe or Wax Lips Recipe a try some time!

Hmm… You’re looking confident in yourself again. That’s great! You’re an A+ student! (A student!) Whatever that means! Want to test your limits? I’ll warn you, if you try to make a Chocolate Frog Recipe and do it wrong, you might end up with a swarm of taffy tadpoles! Blehh, they’re so sticky that it’s a good thing Grandma's okay with cleaning them up for me... I think she actually might like them more than the Frogs when I cast it right! Really advanced sugarmancers can even try to alter the spell a little and make a Caramel Frog Recipe or a White Chocolate Frog Recipe instead!

Wow! Aaaah, this is all going so well! I-I’m so glad I have friends to show around the kitchen now! (Friends!!) I always wanted to believe that making friends was easier than baking friends, and it’s really finally true! Ooooh, Castwick, let’s break out the BIG magic! I’m sure we’re ready for the real evocations now that we’ve covered transmuting base sugars!

We’re gonna take some basic old Gummy Worms and make them into something REALLY special! The Sour Gummy Worms Recipe is great at waking you up after one too many nightshades. Scribe always used to like them before she got into those coffee beans she's addicted to now. Oh no, I'm starting to sound just like the witch who made the Bitter Gummy Worms Recipe! Ahhh! What if I turn into a Spiteful Gummy Worms Recipe-making Witch next?! That’d be the worst! Has my magic gone wild?! Castiwck, help! I need sweetness! Gimme a hug! (HUG!)

…okay... I...I think I'm okay! That was close! I don't know anyone else that can cast the un-gummy spell if I turned my own curse on myself by accident! Hm... I wasn't going to teach you guys this one but... well, it's probably better to have at least a few people be able to cover for me just in case something happens. The Un-Gummy Worms Recipe is the result of a bizarre magical occurrence that can happen in sugarmancy. You gotta suck aaaaall the sugar out of the worms after cooking up a difficult spell. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart or tummy, but Wolf likes to use them as bait for her Blackbird traps. You can give it a try, but I really don’t recommend eating them. (I really recommend eating them!) Castwick, gross!

I already feel like I need to wash the taste out of my mouth… Might as well wrap up our lessons for the day with a good old Potion Book. First things first, I’m making a Witch's Potion Recipe to drink right now! (Right now! Yay!) The rest of you can make a quick Ink Drink Recipe to slurp down your notes, or grab a Meat Cleaver to pour yourself a nice Glass of the Red Recipe like Grandma prefers. Watch out for the Red Deathcap Recipe and White Deathcap Recipe, though, Hero says they are vices! Which rhymes with mices, so it’s probably just as bad! (Not bad!) Yes bad!

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