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November Event: Witch's Lessons!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 27, 2017
Ahem! A-HEM! (Ahem!) That’s a traditional opening line for teachers, right? I've never played the role of the Teacher before, hee hee! Oh, but I don't really have an attendance sheet… Is that super important? Uhh, is everyone here? (Here!) And I'm here, so, good! Let’s begin!

So! As many of you know, Castwick and I have been hard at work to get my basement cleaned out, so we could set up a cooking space to teach all you travelers a trick or two about treats! Now that we've gotten a heroic bit of extra help and cleaned up any ink stains before Grandma saw, we've got permission to hold classes! Yay, learning! I'm gonna be the best teacher ever! There will be plenty of opportunities for extra credit when we get to the taste-test portion of class! (TASTE TEST!!) Not yet, Castwick! Be patient! We gotta hand out these new recipe cards first. I put instructions on mine so you'll always understand how learning recipes work! I remember it was kinda confusing at first...

Are you ready for our introductory lesson? When I was little, one of the first things I learned how to make all by myself was the Fairy Bread Recipe. You don’t need any tools, just some sprinkles to stick to an unbelievable slathering of butter on your bread. Mmm, doesn’t that look good? (Mmm!) The Bat Wraps Recipe also doesn’t need any tools, though the sprinkles it uses are a little different… I bet you can all guess which one I like better and which one Wolf would rather have!

Of course I know not all of my bright students are just starting out. Those of you who have some more kitchen experience under your belt will be ready to make a delicious Tongue Sandwich Recipe or my super yummy signature Witch-Wich Recipe! Don’t they just make your mouth water? Oh no, I’m getting hungry already… (Hungry!)
Uh... gimmie a second, okay? Castwick, where'd you put that last batch of candy corn? No, the good candy corn!

Mmnf! Fwokay, now ffhat we’ve got swome snacks, gulp, here’s another easy lesson. You’ll need the Headless Helper to make the Snail-Wich Recipe. Flattening out all those bread crusts is tough work for my little arms. Oh! No, don't worry, it only LOOKS like snails! It's not nice to trick people about what they are eating; what if they get a tummy ache? But this is a great option to serve someone who wants to be included in a snail feast but doesn't eat the slimy lil' things!

The Headless Helper is useful in a lot of other recipes, too. They can whisk, peel, slide, dice, pound, and even hold anything you need the extra hands for! But they’re best as a helper, you know? At the end of the day, they work best with other tools, so we'll revisit this tool in later lessons. Aw, Castwick, is that one of my old pumpkins? Yeah, I kept trying to put it on the Headless Helper so they could finally have a head, but it always falls off. It doesn't matter what I carve on it. Oh well, more pumpkin to eat for us!

Now with the next tool you'll need to watch your fingers and toes. The Meat Cleaver is really, REALLY sharp! (REALLY!) One time when Hero was playing catch, I saw Grandma throw it clear across the stage! He definitely caught it, but it was super messy. So everyone be careful how you handle it, okay! I might like a nice hand sandwich, but I don't actually want to eat anyone's hands! (I want to eat hands!)

No you don't, silly! Here, the Witch's Broom Recipe is one of the only Meat Cleaver recipes that isn’t extra messy, since it’s just chopped pretzels and cheese. You can have that instead! For more experienced cooks, the Toady in a Hole Recipe is a great meal to start the day. It's surprisingly hard to get it to sit upright but look how silly those leggies look! (Silly!)

Making a Bat Burger Recipe is only a little bit harder, but the Swamp Sandwich Recipe is a muuuuch higher level! I have to keep my recipes out of the hands of those who would abuse their stinky, stinky power. (My hands!)

If you’re feeling really confident in your cooking skill, or maybe just super duper hungry, Grandma loves biting into the Wolfwood Sandwich Recipe when her tummy’s growling more than she is! I've lost many a sandwich to the floor while trying to make this, so take your time and keep your filling foundation steady!

Oooh, that’s right Castwick, now we get to the part of the lesson I know you’ve most been looking forward to: how to use the Wicker Cages! These steamers can get pretty hot, so unless you’re made of fire like Castwick is, let them cool off before you eat them! (Eat them NOW!) You can while away the time by stocking up on more flour, since all the steamed buns use it to make their dough.

Once you’ve got a clean set of the Wicker Cages, anyone can start learning how to use them by making the Plain Bun Bun Recipe. The secret ingredient in the plain version is corn - that’s why it doesn’t taste plain at all! (Corn! Corn!!) Besides this recipe, you’re going to need some experience to use the Wicker Cages, though. Increasing in level as you go are Bun Bun Recipes with a few more steps to them: Pink Bun Bun Recipe, Purple Bun Bun Recipe, and Orange Bun Bun Recipe. Collect them all to raise a big, happy, bun bun family! Unlike real rabbits, these ones don’t have legs to hop their way into trouble.

You can cook more than just bun buns in the Wicker Cages, too! You only need to have Cooking Level 2 to make the Worm Dumplings Recipe, and the Snail Dumplings Recipe isn’t that much higher! They might be more... acquired tastes. But I'm not going to judge what people do and don't enjoy to eat! For every role there's a different treat and even bait deserves a nice last meal to eat!

There’s also lotsa fun things you can do to the buns! Once you get good, the shape and filling is really only limited by your imagination! (Filling!) The Chewy Pumpkin Buns Recipe is my favorite of the Pumpkin Buns, but Grandma says the Batty Pumpkin Buns Recipe is good for your eyesight. Oh, collectors might like the Pretty Pumpkin Buns Recipe for how lovely it looks! And the Ectoplasmic Pumpkin Buns Recipe is a graveyard favorite for all those ghosties. I know Hero always makes a bee-line for them when the dead have him over for lunch!

Decorating your buns is half the fun of making them, even if it takes some practice before they actually look the way you want them to… Try not to get discouraged if it doesn’t come out perfect on the first try! You’ll get better with practice, just like me! I promise! (Promise!) I’d say, start with the Plain Mummy Bun Recipe to get the basics down, before moving onto the Orange Mummy Bun Recipe, Pink Mummy Bun Recipe, or Purple Mummy Bun Recipe.

Of course, no Witch would ever be caught without her familiar! Right? (Right!) Right! So we have to make the cutest little kitty familiars in whatever fierce type of cat they wanna be! Cats love pretending they’re big predators in the jungle; I read all about that in one of Scribe’s old jungle books! You can pick between the Witchy Puma Bun Recipe, Witchy Tiger Bun Recipe, Witchy Kitty Bun Recipe, and Witchy Panther Bun Recipe. As dangerous as they might pretend to be, we all know who’s really predator and prey here. CHOMP! (CHOMP!)

Munch munch munch munch… Haff any qweffshions? Asffk awahy!

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