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New Items: Spooky Treats!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 20, 2017
New Items: Spooky Treats

Hi everybody! Now that Castwick is here with me, Grandma says I have to take on extra chores to feed another mouth. Luckily I'm really good at feeding mouths! It's also a lot easier without having to worry about studying my lines all the time! I've been able to nearly double my treat production! (TREATS!)

Ha ha! Castwick really loves helping in the kitchen. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun teaching someone how to cook all the classics! Normally everyone I meet already knows all of them. It's got us thinking about some stuff - but before I get distracted, first let me introduce all you travelers to my new stock! I've got lots of new stuff that I think I'll be able to keep on the shelves for everybody!

To cover the basics, Castwick and I will now have enough Corn Syrup, Black Cherries, Bottled Fog, Boxy, Bubble Balls, Solar Snacks, Ghost Jellies, Sugar and Spice Drops, Out-Of-The-Boxy, Snips, Spider Sprinkles, Unbelievable Butter, and Yawn Yawn to go around! Yay! This will really open up some new opportunities once I finish cleaning up the kitchen downstairs!

Besides that, I've also got a bunch of yummy treats that you won't even need to cook to be tasty! Bye Bye Zebra, Candy Corn Flakes, Die-Chew, Moon Cheese, Mummy Munch, Sour Milk, and Tricks! are all some of Castwick's personal favorites! Uh.. except the sour milk; that's too sour. (Ew, sour.)

And finally, I've got two ingredients that I wish I could stock more of, but they are pretty hard for me to get my hands on (and keep out of Castwick's mouth). Stinky Cheese and my extra-special Fallen Star Crystals! (Pretty Crystals!)

I'm really excited about getting to show off these flavors! Lots of them are really important for all the best dishes on the Stage and integral to sugarmancy! It's been really nice getting extra help from Wolf's pack and the other Thespians in the wings. Now if I could just get someone to help me clean all the icky stuff out of the basement...

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