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New Premium Items: Which Witch?!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 26, 2017
I am so proud of everyone reaching out to those in need! I have always wanted Hope to be a welcoming place for people from all walks of life! Now we just need to include a bit of un-life, ohoho. I have reached out to our dear friends in the Enchanted Forest and with a bit of help from some very clever illusionists I am proud to present several new items that I hope will help our Thespian friends feel invited to come to Hope if they so choose.

To start, we have the new Broom Rider Badge Bundle based off some of our most classic representations of storybook witches. Now this set is a bit different than what I have offered in the past as it included three accessory items. The Black Broom Rider comes in 10 classic colors and can be further decorated with either Black Spider Web Broom Accessory, Black Toadstool Broom Accessory, or the purrfect Black Cat Broom Accessory. While I am sure some of you clever students can whip up a way to use these accessories in different ways they are intended for use with the Broom Rider item set first and foremost. So the Pick A Part: Broom Accessory Badge will ONLY HAVE THE ACCESSORIES; hence the deeply discounted price. Perfect for those of you who can't pick one adorable illusory kitty cat to bring home.

Next we have the Spectral Witch Badge Bundle as the Enchanted Forest's take on our previous subject. It seems the poor Broom Rider might've met with an unfortunate crash... You'll be able to get Black Spectral Witch Boots, Black Spectral Witch Cloak, Black Spectral Witch Gloves, Black Spectral Cat all together in the bundle or pick out just one that you want in the Pick A Part!

...However... In less joyful news, I'm growing.. worried about Iris. Previously, I was receiving at least one message a day from her about what was going on in the Shadow Stage. But she's been silent for quite a few days now. Is everything all right? Has... anyone heard from her? I know she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself... Still, I have this terrible feeling I cannot shake...

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