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Happy Hope Anniversary!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 18, 2017
Happy 1-Year Anniversary!

It's hard to believe that we've spent a whole year in Open Beta, but just look at how far we've come! We've got plenty more in store for Tattered Weave over the next year, too. Today we thank you all for your continued support and celebrate a wonderful year of growth and change!

For today only, we are reducing the shop timer on Common, Uncommon, and Rare purchases in stores from 1 minute to 10 seconds. Grab those rare items while you can, my friends! This effect will end in 24 hours, which means tomorrow at 12:00 PM CHT!

As is customary in Hope, all University uniforms have a unique color each year. Our Year 1 uniforms have been retired and will no longer be given out by default when creating a new account! You can still pick up the Year 1 Uniform Blazer, Year 1 Uniform Slacks, Year 1 Uniform Skirt, and Year 1 Uniform Miniskirt in Campus Supplies until the end of the month. Our new Year 2 uniforms are: Year 2 Uniform Blazer, Year 2 Uniform Slacks, Year 2 Uniform Skirt, and Year 2 Uniform Miniskirt. Seniors can purchase these new uniforms from Campus Supplies until the end of the month as well!

To help out all our new freshmen, we have added some Neutral-only Hourly Quests to Iris, Nicholas, Piper, Lycus, Jay, Kei, Andre, and Robin. These Hourly Quests are specifically designed to be helpful introductory quests for anyone with a Neutral Reputation in Hope. And to better teach our freshman, Iris' The Whole Kith And Kaboodle Unique Quest has been moved into a whole Tutorial series of Unique Quests! These six Unique Quests will guide a user through their first time feeding, reading, and playing with their Kith, as well as crafting, gaming, and posting in the Forums.

Ah, but what kind of celebration would be without something new and spiffy to wear? We have a brand-new Kith Onesie Badge Bundle and Pick A Part: Kith Onesie Badge for sale in the Headmaster's Office today!

Speaking of premium bundles, we are offering all Badge Bundles that cost over 500 Gems (the Neo Badge Bundle, Monarch Badge Bundle, Frosted Badge Bundle, Cosmic Badge Bundle, Aesthetic Badge Bundle, Puffy Hoodie Badge Bundle, Merfolk Tail Badge Bundle, Captain's Set Badge Bundle, and Lab Badge Bundle) at a 100 Gem discount for today only! This discount will end in 24 hours, which means tomorrow at 12:00 PM CHT!

Alas, that all good things must come to an end. Today we announce that, with the exception of the newly-released Kith Apparel Badges and Kith Onesie Badges, all of our premium badges will be retiring at the end of the month. Make sure to get them while you still can! Oh dear - no, don't fret! No premium badges will be permanently retired. There will be future events or sales where you can get these items again if you miss out this time! Who knows? We may also offer retired items in new colors and combinations as well!

The only items that will permanently retire are the Explore items. The Scanner, Enchanted Sonar, and Shadow Stage Pamphlet will stop working in 24 hours, which means tomorrow at 12:00 PM CHT, at which time they will also be removed from the Headmaster's Office. These items will not return for sale as Explore items ever again. From now on, you'll need to collect Secrets in order to Explore new Remnants!

If you have any questions about the Anniversary, do please let me know here in this Forum thread. Thank you all again for being the most wonderful, marvelous, thoughtful students a headmaster could ask for! Happy Hope Anniversary!

EDIT: Oh my goodness, how could I forgot? Forgive me, Piper, I've had so much to prepare for this day that it slipped my mind! All Arcade games and Forum posts are awarding x2 Shards through the end of the month as well!

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