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Code Update: 10/17/17

Written by Admin  Posted on October 17, 2017
Another code update so soon? Look, we can't control when inspiration strikes. ;P

Today we've added some backend Quest improvements that should "package" your Quest loss with your Quest assignment - meaning that each user should have a minute or less in between when they finish a Quest and when they get assigned a Quest. (This applies to Hourly & Daily Quests only.) The time on the hour in which this happens will still be different for some users, but it should be relatively consistent now - so if you regularly get new Hourly Quests assigned at the :11 minute mark, you should now always be losing any Completed/Declined Hourly Quests and gaining new Hourly Quests at the :11 minute mark. Hooray!

We've also "packaged" the Daily Quest reset with the Daily Reputation Loss, so there shouldn't be too long of a gap in between losing a point of Reputation with each Character and then being able to complete your Daily Quests. For those of you with the Completely Devoted Extra Shelf, the Shelf should unlock at 98 points of Reputation (out of 100), which means you can complete an extra Hourly Quest or two to ensure that you don't lose the Extra Shelf at any point in time. If this is not working the way I just described, please let me know in the Technical Support Forum!

Thank you all again for helping to make Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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