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October Event: Shining Bright

Written by Admin  Posted on October 16, 2017
Just a few more final touches aaaaaaand THERE! The most perfect pumpkin with the most perfect carving! All done! Okay little Stagehand, in you go! This is the vessel we will use for the sweetening spell for you! I know, I'm excited too! Ooh, watch your feet on the rim li'l guy! All cozy?

Okay! Now I just gotta make the sugar circle and we can start! Hold still and be patient for me, okay?

Thank you for coming, Mr. Hero. I was worried that I'd have to "meet" you all over again and we'd have to play the game Mr. Narrator wanted, but you've already met me this time! I'm sorry that Ms. Iris couldn't make it. Do you think she got lost on her way up to the cottage? I hope Grandma didn’t find her, she'll get growled at for sure. I don't understand why Grandma is so worried about Ms. Iris! She’s so fluffy and soft, like a big walking cotton candy! How can she possibly be bad?

AH WAIT! No! Mr. Hero, don’t touch that! Phew, um, here, you should stand over here! That way if the spell backfires, you don't end up with peppermint blood or anything! Hee hee, or maybe you'd get licorice.

Okay... that's all the preparation. Here we go.
Hocus pocus, frogs and locusts-

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