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These Dreams in the Mist by Rosewater won the Writing Spotlight! Strangely, they felt as if in a dream, not really awake. But that wasn't possible, was it?
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October Event: Witch Hunt

Written by Admin  Posted on October 13, 2017
Beware, everyone, this path is littered with traps set by the Wolf. Though Mawnite bought us some time by running ahead to lead Wolf away, I don't think that will be enough to pry a snap-trap off anyone's leg! Ah, fair Iris, do you see the candy-coated cottage ahead? We're nearly there now. I knew Wolf wouldn't be able to resist giving chase to Mawnite! She'd be on us by now if the plan hadn't worked! Ha ha! I guess what they say about dogs and bones is true for wolves as well!

Now I just have to hope the rest of our plan goes as smoothly. Witch isn't like Wolf, she does not hunt or prowl about for prey. She's loyal to the Narrator, yes, but not out of any real affection. I... don't think she knows any better? Despite all her power and magic, she is not truly a creature of malice, merely... mischief. I'd certainly rather deal with her than The Wolf any day.

Ah, wait! Look! There, above the door!

Damn! The Narrator has the doorway being watched! We'll have to be fast - once Wolf hears we're here, she'll drop everything to come protect Witch. It won't matter that we're not here to be aggressive, simply being here at all will be taken as a threat.

Ahem. Witch! Witch, come out! I want to talk to you, Witch!

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