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New Premium Items: Kith Apparel

Written by Admin  Posted on September 30, 2017
Hello everyone! I have something very special for all of you: today is the day we are finally ready to release the winning entry from the clothing design contest! Dreadnoughtus’ entry of Kith Accessories will now be a dream finally realized! More specifically, the “blepper flap/face things and spots” that was requested can be acquired through a quest with me. The Blue Blepper Frills come in ten base colors to match that of actual Bleppers!

I hope everyone enjoys these. Please give another big shout out to our creative winner!
That’s all I wanted to say!
Thaaaaaaat’s it!
…You... are all staring at me. Is there something on my face? Is it jam?

Ohhh, noo, don’t look at me like that! Okay, okay! I was being silly! As wonderful as Bleppers are, I would feel terrible if we left out so many other Kith. My new quest is actually going to be giving out 10 new items total! This covers all the original Hope Kith, but I’m sure someday we will be able to expand our selection to cover all the Kith!

Along with the Blepper Frills, you can get your hands on Black Scalyx Horns, Red Pluff Blep, Gray Lumence Eyes, Yellow Hermithog Hat, Purple Gemwing Jewel, Black Flipperfin Flippers, Pink Ferrec Fluff, Purple Bumblebunnee Nose, and since we still want the Bleppers to feel special since they were the chosen as the winning item, we also have the Blue Blepper Blep Tongue.

But that’s not all! To showcase the wonderful bond between Kith and their Allies, the Headmaster is going to offer 9 new badge bundles, each with three new Kith-inspired items! You can buy a single item for 250 Gems in the Pick A Part Badge, or get a convenient deal with all three items for 500 Gems in the Bundle Badge.

The Blepper Apparel Badge Bundle contains Blue Blepper Eyes, Blue Blepper Blotches, and the Blue Blepper Long Tongue.

The Bumblebunnee Apparel Badge Bundle contains Orange Bumblebunnee Tail, Orange Long Bumblebunnee Antennae, and the Orange Tiny Bumblebunnee Antennae.

The Ferrec Apparel Badge Bundle contains Green Ferrec Sleek Tail, Green Ferrec Fluff Tail, and the Green Ferrec Ears.

The Flipperfin Apparel Badge Bundle contains Blue Flipperfin Tail, Blue Flipperfin Freckles, and the Blue Flipperfin Gills.

The Gemwing Apparel Badge Bundlecontains Yellow Gemwing Wings, Yellow Gemwing Beak, and the Yellow Gemwing Antennae.

The Hermithog Apparel Badge Bundle contains Yellow Hermithog Shield, Yellow Hermithog Horn, and the Yellow Hermithog Claws.

The Lumence Apparel Badge Bundle contains Red Lumence Wings, Red Lumence Tail, and the Red Lumence Mane.

The Pluff Apparel Badge Bundle contains Red Pluff Tail, Red Pluff Stripes, and the Red Pluff Ears.

The Scalyx Apparel Badge Bundle contains Green Scalyx Tail, Green Scalyx Mane, and the Green Scalyx Armor.

Whew! That was a mouthful! Please remember all these are meant to match the colors of their respective Kith. And please reference the previews in the bundles if you have any confusion about what you should be looking for! I so hope everyone enjoys these beautiful new items and that they help you bond even closer with your Kith.

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