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Rainbow Flag Scalyx by Cremuex won the Art Spotlight! This Prismatic Scalyx has been running around with it's rainbow flag and playing with it's Spectrum friend. I think it just likes watching the colours flow in the wind. We tried to talk to it but it's hard to understand it with the flag in it's mouth...!
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New Items: August Recolors!!

Written by Admin  Posted on September 04, 2017
All right everyone, I've got a whole big heap of recolors for you out of the August suggestions from the Behind The Scenes forum for our supporters! Since this is the first month of official recolors I've gone all out and done as many as Fray and I could squeeze in. We've got a bunch to go over; some that I saw across the site and some that I came up with on my own!

To start I have a few one-off recolors for your enjoyment! Brown Butterfly Swarm was requested by [@Moth King of Moths]. Hopefully this fills in any gaps you guys might have been feeling from our moth-like friends.

The other was one I saw talked about in regards to the Enchanted Wind being the default version of the Enchanted Undergrowth pattern. I had to agree that it didn't make a whole lot of sense so I whipped up the new Withered Enchanted Undergrowth to take the place as the new default.

Next up is a couple sets of color expansions! [@Himochi] requested I added some sky blue gloves to the site and I figured if I was going to be doing that I might as well do a bit more! You will now be able to craft Fingerless Gloves, Lace Gloves, Wool Mittens, Leather Gloves, and Opera Gloves in the colors Sky, Spirit, Tan, Wine, Cyan, Frost, Hot Pink, and Orchid. So that right there is 40 new glove options for you guys to check out!

[@ariannx] wanted a Raspberry Beret, like the kind you can find at a second hand store, so I obliged as best I could. It's a standalone color right now, since it sits in a spot between some of the other new colors I have to present along with it. Berets will also come in Hot Pink, Orchid, Tan, Teal, Wine, and Cyan, along with the special Raspberry color. That is seven new hats to collect!

[@Kochab] wanted to see a Sunset Ocean Ruffle Dress to go with the only other two sunset-colored items. After thinking about it I decided add a few more sunset items as well. You'll now be able to craft the Mermaid Bandeau, Pearl Net Top, Pearl Net Skirt, and Ocean Ruffle Skirt in Sunset along with the requested Ocean Ruffle Dress. That is another 5 pretty purple items for those who are so inclined.

And now for the main attraction, the 'new' items! These all will each have their own new pattern for you to craft them. Starting over at the Salon with Kei, we have two new bangs. [@Wandering Mask] requested the new Lavender Long Swept Bangs, while the Lavender Fluffy Bangs was an idea I picked up somewhere on the forums a while ago. Both are trimmed-down versions of longer hair styles that hopefully will offer everyone some nice new layering options. Both of these come in the usual 14 colors for a total of another 28 items.

[@Cherell] asked for a really interesting new item. Now I know many of you love Kei's special Muscle Shirt, but I didn't know anyone particularly cared for the modesty top on the feminine poses! Well Cherell does, and asked that they be cropped off and expanded to all poses. This required some new art on my behalf so I hope y'all like it! I've got it done up in 22 new colors as the Original Workout Top!

Fray has seen some more clothes getting shoved down pants and brought out Miss Ripper again to craft this next beautiful item. Now you will be able to craft the Berry Belted Jacket for those of you who wanted a shorter jacket. You'll find them in all the same base 20 colors as the rest of the windblown clothing.

Lavender Long Sleeve Baseball Tee is one of my older recolors I've had sitting around unreleased, so I figured now would be a good time to put it out into the wild! You'll be able to craft it in the 14 common colors for a nice little pop of color!

You'll be able to find these new patterns over with Andre and Fray at Tailored Fashions.

Meanwhile, Princess Celariel will now be stocking the pattern for the new, rather revealing Dream Courtier Top and Inverted Dream Courtier Top in her Throne Room. This brings up another 14 enchanted colors for a total of 28 more items. You can all thank [@Dreadnoughtus] for their item suggestion for these new shorter tops.

That's a total of 166 new items for you all to craft and collect! If you don't see your suggestion here, don't fret. I ran out of time to get any more done but I'm still always looking out for suggestions in the forums and trying to fit in what I can. The more support I see behind something, the more I try and get it out to everyone!

But for this month, this is the best batch of fresh recolors I could provide. 'Til next month, get those suggestions out there!

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