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QoL Update and Items!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 22, 2017
Quality of Life updates are the difference between buying name brand pasta sauce and store brands...

Behold dear students, I, the great and merciful Club, have heard your cries! The rest of the team is currently in various states of face down, exhausted, and partied out. Thus, there is no one to stop me! The glory is mine!

Great and powerful Club! The princess has given me twelve pairs of ears in skin tone #3 and I need #4! Why is my life unending suffering!?
It is a fair plight! While our dear NPCS don't want to assume the way you look today will be the way you look tomorrow, it might just be nice to, well, you know, ask for the skin tone you want. So I've had a talk with Lenta, Kei, Skyler, and Princess Celariel, and they have agreed to no longer offer their prizes out at random. You will now be rewarded Dryad Eyes Spell Selection, Elven Ears Spell Selection, Avoreal Beak Spell Selection, and Muscle Shirt Selection instead. You might even find another surprise item in this update that I've half-finished for you all...

Amazing and merciful Club! Shay keeps asking me for eyebrows but I never have the right kind on hand. There are like...300 eyebrows! IT IS AN EYEBROW APOCALYPSE!
Uh...okay, firstly, there are only 252 eyebrows currently. Secondly...fair. I've had a talk with Kei and we decided that he'll be handing out eyebrow patterns in his daily quest now. Each will be very easy to make so they won't be in the Salon for balance reasons, but it should give you all a reason to keep collecting the patterns for tailoring leveling even if you don't need a new look. Or you could just sell the patterns for people doing Shay's weird quest.

Benevolent and good-smelling Club! I need an unreasonable amount of olive oil but don’t want Jay to ask why I need a kiddie pool's worth of oil. I CAN'T FACE HER JUDGMENTAL STARE! PLEASE HELP MY OILY NEEDS!
Fear not, you weirdo! If you have unlocked the Enchanted Kitchen and gotten yourself a mortar and pestle, you can turn black and green olives into fresh olive oil now! Othidar is now stocking the Olive Oil Recipe in his shop so you can pick it up and never be questioned again about what the heck any one person needs that much olive oil for!

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