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July Event Part 2: Rewards!

Written by Admin  Posted on August 02, 2017
Close your eyes and make a wish, it's time for another feature update! Our first feature released was Subscriptions, a way to support the site with Gems - our second feature is Rewards, a way to support the site with dedication!

Every user will receive a special reward each year on their birthday, as our way of saying thanks for celebrating with us!

Taking our cue from your suggestions, we've added rewards to referred users in addition to their referrers! From now on, when a user joins the site with a referral link or by writing the name of their referrer when they register, they will receive bonus items to help them get started with crafting: a Juicer, Apple Juice Recipe, Black Sweatpants, Hoodie Pattern, and Cotton.

New users (referred or not) will also automatically receive a Messenger Bag Pattern, Cargo Pants Pattern, Bushy Mustache Pattern, Canvas, Pocket Liner, Buckle, Styling Gel, and Scissors to help them get started with Tailoring right off the bat!

That's not to say we've forgotten our wonderful users already on site. To help you guys out with crafting and questing, we've added a bunch more bundle items to the Headmaster's Office! Bakers can rejoice to find easy access to the most frequently-needed ingredients by purchasing the Grocery Bag and selecting from several bulk options. Tailors can now find the most frequently-needed materials in either the Minor Tailoring Kit or Major Tailoring Kit, depending on what materials they're looking for! And for those of you questing in the Enchanted Forest and Coral Reef, you can pick up an Enchanted Chest, Spell Pouch, or Seashell Basket to make things a little bit easier!

Cheers to [@princess_sloth] for these item designs!

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