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The Battle by Dread won the Writing Spotlight! Now those she did recognize,
only one had such beautiful eyes;
she stumbled forward and grasped,
pressed their lips together unasked,
A kiss for her Princess disguised.
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New Premium Stages: Heartwood

Written by Admin  Posted on July 28, 2017
Ahem. Ahh, ahem, pardon me. It is difficult to forget the sensation of water flooding my roots, despite the flood being dried out as quickly as it began in my Trades...

I admit, I find it a fascinating trend that student experimentations so often tend to result in an immediate danger that is resolved by the liberal application of hoarded items. Is it perhaps an outgrowth of your land's lack of sacrifice, that your people are so much more willing to risk yourselves for the sake of progress? The fact that you have managed to accomplish such great advances, while our magic is a constant struggle... it leads me to believe that we must continue our work together against the Withering.

Princess Celariel and I have discussed at length the interest shown by curious Hope students and their Allies in our most sacred of cultural traditions: the Heart of the Forest. We have finally come to a decision, and her Highness has agreed that the Heartwood Flower, usually reserved for the Kith Allies of those who have fallen in service to the Enchanted Forest, will be offered in the Headmaster's Office of Hope University. Taking on this transformation is a rare honor that connects a Kith to the Heart of the Forest - similar to an Alliance, I presume, though it is a singularly one-directional bond. As a Heartwood Kith grows, so too does the magic of the Heart, in small increments that build to a greater whole overall.

By the guiding trail of the Wizards Three, we wish for your continued support of our homeland and its rituals - in your own particular brand of thoughtful Hope passion. May we find many more reasons to grow together.

Edit: It seems I have been handed a note from an actual rainbow. Ahem. It reads: "keep an eye out for a major Premium Announcement coming Monday for this month's special Event!" I suppose this means you may want to hold off purchasing new Gems for your account until Monday.

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