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Royal Hearth by Dread won the Clothing Design Spotlight! I tried, tried to capture just a sliver of her spirit, of what I could gleam, even if it is just a fraction of her warmth and strength and charm.But if I was able to forge even a fraction of the inspiration I see in your eyes every time you speak of her, then...maybe I did ok.
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July Site Contest Final Days

Written by Admin  Posted on July 26, 2017
Hi everyone!
This is a reminder that the current site contest ends on Friday July 28th at 12:00 PM CHT! We’re in our final days of the design contest and we want to make sure everyone gets their votes in for what they want to see brought to life on the site! We have several categories that are neck and neck right now so even one vote could make a huge difference for what gets made into official content!

And it’s never too late to submit! We’ve had several last-minute winners in previous contests, so if you’ve been sitting on a design entry, now’s the time to put it up. We have been so, so impressed with all the entries, but like the Tatters, we’ll always be hungry for more. Let us gaze on the beauty of your ideas!

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