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Wolf's Mask Tattoo by Elfy won the Craft Spotlight! so there's this girl i really like... and her mask is so nice... it chases away the darkness, y'know? it makes the moon shine even brighter on a night like tonight...
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New Patterns: Tank Tops!

Written by Admin  Posted on July 20, 2017
Piper already wants a DPS top...

It looks like everyone else is enjoying their summer while I’ve had an exciting few days here at Tailored Fashions - ever since I made the monumental error of letting Fray have a seam ripper of his own. Since we no longer sell finished clothes, he’s gone after anything that survived that lightning strike in his own attempt at creating something new from the old. While this has lead to certain... messes, Fray’s headed in the right direction of a few good ideas. And at least he feels safe from vampires now...
LOOK HOW CUTE THIS TOP IS! I saw people shovin’ the whole dress down their pants an’ I jus’ knew I had to do somethin’! I had a duty in the name of fashion to help them! IT’S TOO HOT FOR THAT MANY LAYERS! So I got my trusty seam ripper and jus’ went wild an’ riiiiiiipped the useless ol’ bottom off that dress! And now look at it! It’s a cute li’l Wine Belted Tank Top! Now you dun’ have to shove a whole dress down your pants if you want some easy-breezy shoulders! We got the patterns for it in the shop now too - you don’ have to use as much fabric to make it as you would the whole dress, but the Lace can still be a li’l fiddly to work with.

I have to agree with Fray that it’s just too hot out, and I hear it’s even worse over at the sand pile so many of you have been playing in. So I thought a good way to cope with the heat would be a cute new top inspired by the ever-popular Blepper. I admit I am getting this out in a bit of a rush… I would have liked to design more pattern styles for the same cut of shirt but I had a special request made to release what I have. For those of you not so fond of blotches, I promise there are more designs on the horizon.
For now, you can get a Blue Blepper Tank Top in all the colors we’ve seen of this particular Kith. It’s a fairly easy pattern that everyone should be able to make as long as they take a little care with dyeing. Let me know what you all think of the design and what else you might like to see on a tank top!
Yeah! Meanwhile I got my eye on some more stuff that could benefit from a date with Miss Ripper here...

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