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New Recipes: Mug Cakes!

Written by Admin  Posted on July 11, 2017
Quick Fix

Whew, a whole lot sure has been going on lately, huh? Lycus has been coming and going constantly lately to that Reef through the Tatters. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him outside so much since we were kids and even then I had to drag him out. Still, his showing up at all hours, stinking of sea water and leaving puddles everywhere has been... a challenge. I know he just wants to check in with Piper so she knows he’s okay - well, and get supplies from the Lab, but... that smell, ugh.

Worse, I swear that boy is trying to starve himself. You can’t go swimming for hours on end without eating, even if you can magically breathe water! I’ve had to give Piper a way to easily and quickly make some hot food to shovel into her idiotic brother before he collapses on my floors. It might not be the healthiest food, sure, but some hot sugar and carbs will at least give him enough energy to get home. Besides, he lives off cereal; this stuff has more nutrients in it than that.

What am I talking about? Well, I’ve got all these mugs from people giving them to me as gifts for my coffee, and I’ve found it way easier to just put other food in them too. From there I figured I may as well be cooking in mugs! So I cracked out my Mug Cake recipes for Lycus and Piper to bake, since they only take a microwave and some simple ingredients I have lying around.

The easiest to make is probably also my favorite, the Coffee Mug Cake which is made with real instant coffee. It can be easily mistaken for the Chocolate Mug Cake if you don’t smell them first, so I recommend using a chocolate drizzle to easily denote which is which.

Next up are two peas in a pod, the Confetti Mug Cake and the Vanilla Mug Cake. I think the Confetti cake is sweeter since it takes a heap of Mixed Sprinkles to make, but they’re both nice, simple flavors.

If you’re willing to expend a little more effort, then the Apple Spice Mug Cake, Marble Mug Cake, and Carrot Mug Cake are all fantastic snacks. I’ve been all but force-feeding Lycus the carrot one to make sure he’s eating some form of veggies. I don’t know what’s in that Bunches O’Barnacles, but if it is anything like well... whatever else those pirates eat, then I know he needs something healthier.

Finally, the Strawberry Mug Cake might take the most effort to put together, but I think it’s well worth it when you need something fast on the decedent end of dessert. I have a hard time keeping Piper out of mine when I make it, so make sure you’re prepared to share with your friends, Kith, and anyone else alike.

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