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New Premium Items: Tails and Sails

Written by Admin  Posted on July 07, 2017
Tidal Triumph

Hello everyone! I hope you've all been well. Ever since the Everstorm calmed, things have been incredibly busy at the Reef, both above and below the surf. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would see outsiders like you. For that matter, I didn't think the storm would ever stop! But here we are, and here you are.

Everyone's just beside themselves with gratitude now that we can actually tell heads from tails, and I've seen more than a few fights break out over who should get to thank you all first! After chatting with the Pirates and the rest of the Merfolk, we've all decided that we should just thank you all at once. So, well, on behalf of everyone from the Coal Reef, thank you! Thank you so much. Words will never be enough to express how much you've done for us by opening up our world. But we'll try to show you our gratitude another way.

So! To that end, I've brought with me two very special items for your Headmaster to look after. These are the Captain's Set Badge Bundle and the Merfolk Tail Badge Bundle. Each one carries the blessings and adoration of their respective people.

The Pirates, a proud and hearty people, have decided you've proven your worth to be counted not just as shipmates, but as Captains for the sunken fleet. Before the Everstorm there were very few things they considered as great as being honored with one of the vessels they lost before the storm started, so this is quite an honor! The set comes in many pieces, including the Captain's Sword, Captain's Shirt, Captain's Pants, Captain's Hat, Captain's Coat, Captain's Boots, and the ever important companion, the Captain's Birdy. The clothing comes in ten beautiful colors, while the birds have six colorful plumages.

My people, the Merfolk, bring something a bit different. According to the songs, there was a spell from the first days of the Everstorm that can turn legs to fins, and, of course, vice versa! So, we offer you all the chance to trade your sun-soaked world for our beautiful depths. We offer to you, with all our thanks, the Merfolk Shimmer Tail, Merfolk Shark Tail, and the Merfolk Frilled Tail. With these, even the weakest swimmers can become one with the tides!

And to those who aren't interested in such titles or gifts, too, I want to thank you again for all that you've done. I hope we have a long friendship ahead of us and gentle waters to share!

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