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Hopes for Fears by Taiga won the Gallery Spotlight! If Snarls are truly negative emotions, ripped and coiled from Hope, then perhaps the first step to destroy them is to destroy these emotions themselves.
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New Items: Throne Room Patterns

Written by Admin  Posted on June 29, 2017
My gratitude for all of the replies offered by our Hope allies! By your word and that confirmed by my father, the king, we have confirmed the Everstorm is at a downswing. Thus do I commit my own apparel into patterns to be shared; by Merlin’s grace this act shall be the last needed for us to be spared. Tell me now, when you look again upon the breach - is the Withering yet fully cleared from the beach?

With this final act of changing my wares, it seems that I am no longer in immediate need of heirs. Dreadnoughtus and my many suitors have been so patient with my choice… yet… I cannot help but agree with the concerned others voice.

Othidar, you must understand that I still need this to be planned - and someday soon, not time unknown! It is my birthright and my duty to the throne. The threat posed by the Everstorm has been stayed: therefore by royal decree shall the wedding be delayed. I wish to take this fortunate boon of time to get to know my suitors better than even my rhyme.

And in the meanwhile, Lenta, please continue your trial! I wish to learn all we can about this strange new land. If it holds some secret to end the Withering’s effect, all effort must be made for every theory to be checked!

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