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Kith-Shaped Nuggets by Dread won the Item Design Spotlight! No kith were harmed in the making of these nuggets.
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New Premium Items: Glow Paint!

Written by Admin  Posted on June 25, 2017
Sing A Sad Song

My heartwood, everything is happening in so short a time! With the Everstorm calming, it appears that a number of students have been able to make contact with something on the other side of the storm. In the meantime, I’ve been dedicating myself to experiment upon Lycus’ original Siren’s Body Paint. With some more study, as well as several new focus items in the form of... Sea Shells? That is what these are called, yes?

Yes! With the help of these melodic seashells, I have been able to discover several unique reactions to the Body Paint! I have asked Headmaster Nicolas to stock them for me, as I have some catching up to do regarding plans for the royal wedding. But hopefully you will all find these new body paints helpful searching out in the storm.

The original style of body paint henceforth comes in nine new colors. I’m not quite sure why I named them as I did… It was simply what came to mind as I made them, like the lyrics to a song I barely know. Hmm. As I was saying! The new colors are Angler, Leviathan, Selkie, Kraken, Kelpie, Triton, Undine, Rusalka, and Abyssal.

But I also was able to reconfigure the paint into a new, much more powerful enchantment as well! I have decided to call this Favor Body Paint, and it comes in all the aforementioned colors. Both can allow you to breathe freely in the water, so choose whichever you thinks suits you best.

You will be able to purchase these as either the Glowing Body Paint Badge Bundle to get one color of each style, or you can purchase the Pick A Part: Glowing Body Paint Badge and pick any one color you’d like.

Now if you’ll please pardon me, I have some pudding to scrape off my tree...

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