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New Items: Courtier Clothes

Written by Admin  Posted on June 21, 2017
Sporting Courting

Attention, all citizens of the University and the Forest, heed my proclamation! The threat posed by this Everstorm demands immediate abjuration. Attend to my Throne Room and arm yourselves against peril with the most powerful enchantments I have placed in this apparel. Each piece of courtly clothing comes in fourteen magical colors so you can find the fit that’s right: Healing, Earth, Fire, Shock, Growth, Poison, Ice, Water, Illusion, Dream, Charm, Time, Shadow, Light.

Earth Circlet of Blooms
Shadow Circlet of Leaves
Light Courtier Dress
Time Courtier Tunic
Poison Courtier Pants
Spark Courtier Jewelry
Growth Courtier Wrap
Ice Courtier Sash
Illusion Courtier Heels
Healing Courtier Shoes

I have conferred with my father, the King, and we agree: desperate times call for a marriage by royal decree. We’ve little time to bespeak, so I will make my decision in a single week. Propose your candidacy here in this thread if you wish to court me so that we may swiftly wed. Heed not the limitations of gender; magic can make anyone a contender. What matters most is your suitability to rule the land and guide our future children with a wise and sure hand.

However, ’tis unseemly to take a private audience with a Princess soon to be wed, so until that day, any Messages and Trades shall go ignored and unread.

And no, Othidar, I will not be swayed. For too long already I’ve delayed.

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