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New Books: Enchanted Advice

Written by Admin  Posted on June 13, 2017
Turning A New Leaf

Oof. You know, when I moved here I hadn’t really considered the differences in living in a city like Hope and such a... vertically-inclined one like the Enchanted Forest. I used to think I was quite skilled with ladders after working the library for so long, silly me! Oh but sweet Enheduanna takes it all with such joy and exuberance, even if the ladders can be a bit difficult for her to scale sometimes.

Though we prefer forest floor activities like flower picking and frolicking, even that can have whole new dangers. So we’ve been hard at work and have six new books at Enchanted Reading to help others like us who might not be quite so in-the-loop on what natives take for granted as common knowledge. The first, I can not recommend enough: Why Am I Itchy?. Trust me, you need to read this book if you plan to spend any time in the Forest. And a good primer to send to someone who is thinking of making the journey over would be The Sky Is Falling. I’m glad they finally put a net up after I got here. That first step is quite... well... dangerous.

For those looking to get into magic here in the forest, I was quite surprised to learn just how specific things can be. The Chemistry of Colors, Special Snowflakes, and Geodemetry can help you skip out on some of the mix-ups I had while gathering items for Lenta. It saves everyone a bit of embarrassment and time if you show up with the right type of snow flake. Enheduanna swears she can taste the difference but... well, I don’t really want her just going around licking things.

And finally, a botanical history book I have is Original Herbs and Spices, a record of the native plants of the Forest before they had contact with Hope. While trade is very important, I also think maybe we should be watching out for invasive species on both sides. Although I do wonder if a Dryad could be born from a tree not originally found in the forest. Hm, maybe that is a conversation I’ll have with Alban sometime...

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