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New Recipes: Bread!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 27, 2017
Loafing Around

Ugh, it’s been so dreary and rainy lately. This weather has certainly made my walks around town a lot more unpleasant. I shouldn’t complain - at least the heat wave hasn’t started yet. Still, when it’s so bleak outside, it’s hard not to feel a little cloudy myself. But my mom taught me a trick for this kind of gloom. When all you want to do is loaf around inside the house, you should! More specifically, you should bake up some fresh bread.

The General Store will now be stocking a few new tasty Loaf Pan recipes alongside the Molasses you might end up needing. Just be careful about making a mess with it; not only is it highly sticky, molasses also has a very distinct smell.

I know White Bread isn’t for everyone, either because it isn’t the healthiest for you or because it tastes kind of boring. So to change things up a bit, I now have Wheat Bread to add some variety to your next sandwich. And if you really want to get adventurous, you should try out the Pumpernickel Bread. Instant coffee in bread might seem a little overboard, but honestly it’s there for looks more than anything; a sort of “eating with your eyes” kind of thing.

If savory bread isn’t your style, what about the sweet and spicy Raisin Bread? It can be the perfect walking fast breakfast if you didn’t have time to make anything else the night before. Just toast it with a little butter and you are set! And if that isn’t sweet enough for you there’s always Pumpkin Bread. While this recipe uses honey instead of sugar, I’ve still been able to use it to easily lure Lycus out of that hole he calls a Lab. Consider yourself warned if you don’t want something more on the pastry end of baked goods.

Either way, if you prefer savory, sweet, or enjoy them both, I hope everyone can try out these new recipes and fill up their home with the smell of freshly baked bread. Nothing beats back the rainy season blues better!

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