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New Recipes: Smoothies!

Written by Admin  Posted on May 10, 2017
Smoothed Over

The spring season always brings with it a growth spike of Stinging Nettles here in the Enchanted Forest, so come visit Elven Cuisine to take advantage of our fresh harvest. While I don’t recommend eating them raw, they can be used in a variety of recipes for those with more adventurous palates. Take a Stinging Mint Smoothie for example: the perfect thing to clear out any allergies you might be experiencing. If you want something a little... easier on the throat I have a few more smoothie recipes I could teach you tadpoles. I’ve been wondering how well Miranda is going to handle the heat once it starts getting hotter. Does Hope have the same kind of summers we do?

I’m not fully sure I understand Hope students’ tastes yet, but I tried to create some smoothies I thought would appeal to you while including our own traditional flavors. On the easier end to make, we have the Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie, Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie, Zucchini Dandelion Smoothie, and the Rasping Radish Smoothie. Anyone with a bit of experience in the kitchen should be able to make those without too much trouble.

Getting a little more complex, either due to presentation or how to handle the ingredients, we have the Creamsicle Smoothie, Lucky Clover Smoothie, Red Hot Smoothie, and the Avoreal favorite, Seedy Smoothie. You are really going to want to make sure you blend that last one very, very well, or don’t chew any chunks you encounter while drinking.

Finally I have three very special smoothies for those of you who have really dedicated yourself to the craft of cooking. Each one is its own magical experience, because it took literal magic to take you on this journey of flavor. The Good, The Bad, The Berry Smoothie takes all three familiar forest flavors and mixes them into one cup. The Sunset Smoothie is perfect for cooling you off no matter how hot it may be outside. Lastly, the Golden Apple Smoothie will, of course, take a Golden Apple to make, thus making it the most difficult of the smoothies to craft. If you tadpoles can show me a properly made Golden Apple Smoothie, I’ll fish out some more recipes to share. Maybe I’ll haul out Mushroom Log and teach you how to properly seed your own fresh mushrooms.

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