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New Items: Premium Puffy Hoodies!

Written by Admin  Posted on April 25, 2017
Puff Up, They Love That!

My, it’s been so damp lately from all the rain! Despite the temperature warming up, I’ve found myself always taking a jacket along with me. Sometimes a nice weight on your shoulders can be comforting as well, even if you’re not that cold. So I spoke with Andre and little Fray and they have whipped up four styles of Puffy Hoodie for the Headmaster’s Office to sell. It has been a bit since we offered any new Gem apparel so I hope everyone enjoys these!

All four styles come in seventeen colors and you can buy one of each style in the Puffy Hoodie Badge Bundle for 800 Gems, or a single hoodie on its own in the Pick A Part: Puffy Hoodie Badge for 250 Gems.

The first hoodie they completed was the Puffy Cloudy Hoodie, with it’s adorable little fluffy birdlike wings and cloud design. We also have the Puffy Galaxy Hoodie with a star and moon design that will have you soaring with no wings! Also with no wings is the Puffy Gradient Hoodie, which is a more subtle look - though I have heard that you can try layering hoodies together if you want wings on the wingless jackets. Speaking of wings, the last design of the bunch is a winged hoodie as well! The Puffy Imp Hoodie is devilishly cute without being scary. Who wouldn’t want this cute little imp design tagging along?

All four of these count as an Accessory, so make sure to cover up underneath with a Top or Overall! I know it’s getting warmer out but that is no excuse for anyone to go around streaking.

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