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Masked by Rogue won the Gallery Spotlight! A Mask can hold a thousand stories... Some sad, some bad, and some just too confusing to mention. But they have a role to reveal to the dear audience and to distract others from pain and hurt, or to add to merriment and joy.

Until the next one is required...!
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New Items: Accessibility 2

Written by Admin  Posted on April 11, 2017
Harder, Faster, Stronger

Good Evening Students! I have a smaller update tonight for the Headmaster's Office but one I am sure many of you will enjoy all the same, even if it is of no personal use to you. Tonight I am finally able to release the Accessibility: Prosthetic pack to the whole of Hope.

Each of the Prosthetic limbs comes in 11 colors to choose from and are all highly durable for high impact daily use. You will be able to choose from 4 prosthetics, the White Prosthetic Right Arm, White Prosthetic Left Arm, White Prosthetic Left Leg and White Prosthetic Right Leg.

I'd like to thank the staff team that worked so hard to have these created, each one a small marvel of technology all their own to improve the lives of those citizens that need them. I know our science and manufacturing departments at the University all worked quite hard to upgrade several older designs we had to bring them up to the amazing technological point they are now. And, with that said, I am happy to be able to provide them to everyone for a minimal shard fee even, just as the previous Accessibility items were.

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