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Bug Fix: Flip a Coin

Written by Admin  Posted on March 31, 2017
As some of you noticed (and very helpfully reported!), the new Flip a Coin game came with a few of its own bugs. We've found and fixed the following issues:

- Playing Flip a Coin didn't count for Quests asking you to play a game. Now it does count as a Quest completion!
- The mobile tab was misaligned, but now it should look correct on mobile devices.
- The final "lucky" win of 10,240 Shards was not actually paying out. We've pushed a fix for that now, and I will be manually awarding 10,240 Shards to the accounts of anyone who is in possession of Piper's Pixel Hair Bow. If you received the Piper's Pixel Hair Bow and then traded/sold it to another user, please message me so that I can give the Shards to you for winning rather than the user who owns the Piper's Pixel Hair Bow!

Thanks again for your patience and help making Tattered Weave the best it can be!

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