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New Items: Accessibility

Written by Admin  Posted on March 29, 2017
How fascinating… Have you met our visitor from the Enchanted Forest? Miranda brought Skyler to my Office yesterday for introductions, and I must heartily agree that she is quite a brilliant young woman. Did you know she even has a leverage system on the inside of her prosthetic to lengthen the hook part for better maneuverability? What a marvelous design! I must get a look at those schematics someday when she’s feeling less shy.

Our discussions prompted an inquiry into Hope’s own accessibility, as of course there are students with a variety of different needs. Miranda suggested putting the Accessibility: Wheelchairs and Accessibility: Hearing Aids & Canes into my Office, so that they could be available at all times.

While the Long Cane only comes in a single color, since it’s meant to guide blind students, the White Walking Cane comes in 10 different colors for your accessorizing pleasure! The White Hearing Aid also comes in 10 colors for our stylish students that are hard of hearing.

For students with mobility concerns, we have not only these 10 colors on the blankets of our White Blanket Wheelchair, but also some of Andre’s best pattern work! You could accessorize your wheelchair with a blanket in rainbow, colored Flannel, Zebra/Tiger/Leopard/Giraffe prints, colored Camo prints, and even the school Spirit color!

Skyler seemed surprised and intrigued by the devices - apparently the Enchanted Forest has no similar equivalents, instead using magic to aid their citizens. I feel quite the fool for not making these available sooner! Hope is an inclusive community and we welcome all students here. Please do stop by to visit again sometime!

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