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New Items: Letters of Repudiation

Written by Admin  Posted on March 27, 2017
Good evening, my dear students! Have you been keeping up with your schoolwork?

As many of you already know, completing Quests will increase your Reputation with the Character asking for your help, while ignoring their Quests will slowly decrease your Reputation with them by 1 point each day. There are four total levels of Reputation: Neutral, Friendly, Helpful, and Devoted. Those who have completely devoted their time to a particular Character can also earn access to an additional store tab known as the Devoted Shelf.

Strange as it may sound, I've received an unusual request from overachievers looking for more of a challenge. Thus I bring you two new items for sale in my Office: the Letter of Repudiation and the Enchanted Letter of Repudiation. These will immediately cause you to lose one level of Reputation with a Character.

These items are the opposites of their counterparts, the Letter of Recommendation and Enchanted Letter of Recommendation, which give you one more level of Reputation with a Character.

As you can see, I've also found a secret new tag to use on the Forums! You can tag any [ item ] to link to its pop-up information, and if it's a [ premium_item ] you can even link to the pop-up sale and preview image, too! My office will be undergoing a bit of reorganization over the next 24 hours as I sort everything by priority. How's that for your reference material?

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