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Cooking Update

Written by Admin  Posted on March 22, 2017
Some big changes are happening today to Cooking!

We've spent some time brainstorming how to make the Cooking levels more meaningful, and Jay's new Recipe shop tab is our solution! All Recipes will be removed from the General Store's regular inventory, and will stock separately in their own special Recipe tab. This tab will reveal more Recipes as you level up, offering easier Recipes at lower levels, with fewer Tools and Ingredients needed. Removing the Recipes from the General Shop and Devoted tabs will also help increase your chances of finding the right Ingredients when you want them!

Due to some concerns about Kith ability increases, we will also be removing the bonus ability points received at every other Cooking level. Kith will still receive 1 bonus ability point when you have maxed out your Cooking skill. We're very sorry if this feels like an inconvenient "nerf" to Kith leveling, but we want to make sure our crafting systems can scale for many years of gameplay to come! (We aren't going to stay maxed at Level 10 forever, you know!)

Let's celebrate our new changes with some Cooking Achievements! You'll receive a standard Achievement for every new Cooking level you unlock, of course, but we've also hidden some unique Achievements in the number of times you cook certain Recipes. Have fun sniffing out those secret Achievements for some silly new Titles to equip!

Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for these changes to become available to your account. As always, if you run into any problems or concerns, please report to the Technical Support Forum for help!

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