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New Hairstyles: Short Styles!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 17, 2017
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Do you all hear that buzzing? No, sadly it isn't springtime bees awake from their hibernation quite yet. It's my hair clippers awake from their long sleep instead! I've been hearing some outcry for shorter hairstyles, and while long hair can be so satisfying to play with, you really can't beat just how soft short hair is under your fingers.

So, starting today, you'll find the Salon stocked with five new styles! We've got the basic Buzz Cut for those of you who barely want some hair. Then we've got the Crew Cut for those who still want a little more hair to play with and style. From there we use a longer guard on the clippers to get the High and Tight for a neat but still attractive look. After that, I have the fabulous Tall Fade for those students who have naturally curly hair they want to show off. And speaking of natural, we’ll work with what we've got for the Balding look. Experience and wisdom can be attractive in it's own right! And make no mistake, we can always try some creative layering with any style to make something altogether new and unique.

So what do you say, darlings? Care to take a walk on the shorter side?

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