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A New...Sweater? by ArcaneDreamer won the Kith Spotlight! Raiju has come up with a great way to scare off the Snarls! Though, this idea is a bit... unconventional.
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New Clothes: Wind Blown!

Written by Admin  Posted on March 07, 2017
Winds of Change

F-Fray! I know you are excited but-but you have to calm down and...w-wait! Fray! Come Back! Fray- GOTCHA!

Ha...yes, Fray. You, er, ‘made a thing.’ Don't you want to tell everyone what it is?
OH! We're here already! HIYA! LOOK! Andre taught me how to sew a thing! Did you guys know you have to sew stuff INSIDE OUT?! That hides the seams! Look LOOK! I made a SCARF! IT GOES ALL WHOOSH AND FOOSH AND NYOOM!

Rather like you hm, Fray? Fray was so smitten with Kei's new Windblown hairstyles that he wanted to capture that same motion (and some of his own infinite energy) using tailoring. I could think of nothing better to get him started than to have him sew a simple scarf. So here you have it, Fray's own design, the Wind Blown Scarf.
Yeah yeah! And then I showed Andre how good I am at colors! I MADE ALL THE COLORS FOREVER!

Well I am not sure I would go that far, but you certainly did make a lot...
I did it in three sets! You got the mostly-black set with a li’l color accent in the Stormblown colors, and then that is matched with the mostly-white set in the Snowblown set. Then the normal Windblown scarfs come in a main color and an accent color! Each set has 14 colors in it so all together that's 42 options for the best scarf EVER! And you wanna know what makes it the best scarf ever? ‘CAUSE IT GOES WITH ANDRE'S NEW CLOTHES TOO!

Ah, well, yes, I did finally finish some old designs I've been toying with. It was a bit hard not to catch some of Fray's excitement and energy so I translated that into my own work. You will now be able to buy the Windblown Coat, Windblown Skirt, and Windblown Dress at Tailored Fashions.

All three come in the following colors; Citrine, Forest, Wine, Oceanside, Berry, Lime, Minty, Sweetheart, Sky, Frozen, Edgey, Stormy, Orchid, Flame,and Goldrush.
And I tried to help dye the coat and...um.. let's just say I made some fun extra colors! The Windblown Coat comes in the extra colors Versus, Abyss, Desert, Mahogany, and Chocolate! More options is always a good thing right?

We can call it a happy accident this time, Fray, but remember, following instructions is important. Even when you’re having a lot of fun.

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